Thunder hammer's heavy attack has a lot lower cleave than the number in crowd control stats

Under my 77% crowd control, the light attack has1.13 cleave damage distribution. This makes the light attack able to hit 2 poxwalkers (very low damage on the second one), and for other enemies with higher hit mass it can only hit 1 target.

The heavy attack has 8.17 cleave damage distribution. It looks about right for the attack animation. But I tested its actual damage distribution in the meat grinder, more than half of the enemies that got hit in a swing don’t take any damage.

The actual results are:

3 poxwalkers/ groaners at max, no damage starting from 4th one
2 unarmored scab/dreg unit
1 flak armor+ 1 unarmored scab/dreg
1 flak armor unit(when you hit 2 or more flak armor units, no damage starting from the 2nd one)

The heavy attack needs to do actual cleave as the stats telling you, please fix this issue.

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Cleave damage distribution is not equivalent to Cleave Targets.
I would be very much interested to know what exactly it stands for and what weapon stats it influences.
As you say OP this is is not clearly stated anywhere in game.
FS please respond to this thread.

I am assuming the “cleave damage distribution” increases the number of targets you can damage with cleave because it’s the only two values(the other one is cleave stagger distribution) under “Cleave Targets” stats. It says “The higher the Cleave, the more enemies hit in one swing”.
but I could be wrong, I agree with you that FS should respond to this topic to make things clear.

That is the case though, Cleave dist. is under Crowd Control, not Cleave Targets.
To my knowledge only Cleave Targets stat actually increases your cleave potential and specific blessings of course.

It’s under both Crowd Control and Cleave Targets. Just like attack speed is under both Crowd Control and Finesse. I don’t think attack speed will change meaning because it’s not under finesse, and cleave damage distribution should be the same as well.

The problem is that cleave damage distribution is not as clear as something like attack speed. But at least we know it’s one of the two specific factors that reflect “Cleave Targets”. If not, Fatshark should make this value and description clear.

Fair enough, I was more refering to the Stats Description;
Crowd Control: Increases Weapon’s Stagger, Impact and Cleave.
Cleave Targets: The higher the Cleave the more enemies hit in one swing.
Regardless I bleieve we both agree that these stats within stats, seem to be referring to different things and are not the same.
Unless simply Cleave under Crowd Control is not working properly as your post suggests or as I think it actuially corresponds to some ohter cleave attribute.
In any case it is not clear and definitely needlessly convoluted.
Good exchange kind sir, let’s hope we get some clarification on it soon.