Thunder Hammer is Bugged

Issue Description: Thunder Hammer light attack does 3 damage when hitting armored enemies in the head and the weapon’s special heavy attack has zero cleave.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Acquire Thunder Hammer.
  2. Locate armored enemy.
  3. Left click to initiate light attack while aiming for the head.
  4. Do less damage than any weapon in the entire game.

Mission Name (If Applicable): All missions.

Platform: [Steam]

Reproduction Rate: Constant (100%)

I can’t believe this is intentional, it has to be a bug because it makes no sense.

Big 2H hammers in VT2 have no such limitations and a light attack against heavy armor is more effective than hitting the same target with a 1h sword - In DT, the opposite is true.

This is absolutely nonsensical and must surely be a bug.

There also is no cleave when charging the Thunder Hammer with lightning and performing a heavy attack, even though there’s a giant lightning explosion. I think this is especially nonsensical because one is required to be vulnerable in order to charge up the weapon in the first place, effectively paying for what should be a big reward with a moment of big risk.

When trying to heavy-attack an armored enemy with the charged Thunder Hammer, it’s extremely difficult and almost impossible to land the horizontal swing on the desired target when they’re surrounded by tons of mobs - so I charged my hammer up to kill a big target, and it ends up wasted on ONE enemy.

Just one kill, really?

That’s all we get for charging the hammer up?

The Thunder Hammer that I have gives a massive bonus to charge attacks - making it so much more effective than using light attacks that it seems the only sensible way to use the weapon, but usually it can only kill one small enemy when it’s clearly meant for bigger ones.

I just can’t understand this.

Is it a PVP game?

Are the mobs actually controlled by players who will get upset if they lose too much?

It doesn’t make any sense to handicap the weapon so much when I can grab a flamer and lock down two hordes simultaneously.

100% agree this mechanic is dumb and needs to be changed / fixed