Cleave target cap seems broken for Ogryn/Others

Hey, me again

Cleave on every weapon I’ve tried (power maul, club, shield, heavy attacks on the Krouk mk6) all seem to have a unit damage cap of 2 for full damage, 1/2 for the third target, and 0 for additional targets. This seems to occur with Knife Through Butter talent as well (unlimited cleave on fully charged heavies). It also seems to be the case with Eviscerators on my Zealot.

I noticed it when I was taking forever to whittle down a horde and went into the Psykarium to test. Anyway thanks in advance 8)

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Not sure that’s a bug, even with unlimited cleave. I think the intent is just to let you hit all the enemies but not damage them. Regardless, I’ve noticed the same behavior from cleaving on Ogryn with and without Knife Through Butter.