Official lore-based content for Vermintide?

A decade ago, the developers for left 4 dead announced that they had commissioned a series of webcomics to be published telling not only of the events that happened before their upcoming maps, but also of the backgrounds of their characters.
Just so you know what I am talking about here:
I loved the comics allot, and my favorite parts of the comics were the parts that told of the backgrounds of the characters as I knew so little about them.

The backgrounds of the characters for vermintide are way more interesting, Kruber led an exceptional regiment. A webcomic can be done on the start of his regiment up until the point he ran into a necromancer. Then you have Kerillian, Bardin, Saltzpyre and Sienna as well.

To me, this feels like a common sense thing to do. Fatshark will not waste talent, or time spent further developing vermintide 2 as they’d just have to give $ to a talented comic creator/studio and let them do the rest. Whatever the complexity of the comic, it will be very well-recieved. Darkest dungeon made 1-page comics for each of their characters and the community loved it, even though they were just a page each! But the characters of vermintide are way more complex and so single page comics will definitely not do them any justice but you get my point
It might not be as simple as I think it is. Games Workshop might have an issue with it as they did license fatshark to create a video game but not create comics, even if the comics are based on the games it’s still in the warhammer universe. Or they are totally fine with it? Who knows, I don’t.


I would assume the issue is a different. Looking at Vermintide 1 and 2 in general and the latest Drachenfels campain especially, it is for me obvious that Fatshark absolutely intends to tell these stories. However, they are following a far longer plan as those backgrounds most likely are tied to possible future content in some form.

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I struggle to imagine how they’d tell those stories in any other form besides a novel/comic. Not like they’ll release DLCs where you play as kruber in the old days

Well, it could be stuff from their backgrounds that comes back to haunt them or an enemy trying to use psycological warfare against them, like the the Drachenfels maps? And so gradually revealing more and more details of the backstory as stuff moves on.

The form will be mainly in banter. But FS will use future content to tell us how broken these characters are. In an ideal situation there will be character related maps. For example:

  • Kerillian’s backstory seems to tie in with the Weaves
  • Bardin’s backstory contains the reasons why he stopped being an Ironbreaker and started the search for Karak Zorn, maybe leading to another Karak close-by searching for hints etc.

Other than that, we have Grey Magic and the Weaves which can create illusions. So the idea of a character specific (even single player although not the goal of Vermintide) map is completely possible. We have to wait, to see in which form this will be implemented.

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I wonder if their recent reddit contest is about it.
Since game specifics or the way devs introduce us to U5 backstory is pretty limited I’d like it to be expanded through the different media. And comic is the best way to do it.
Also I would like to see some explanation about the lore of the game. There is a gap in lore between 1 and 2 parts about Christoph Engel. It was never explained what happened to him, why did cover of the Red Moon provided by Grey wizard was compromised.
I’d like them to expand on beastman story that we saw in the cinematic trailer of the game.

I’m sure we can all deduce that Christoph Engel either died or escaped from his tower, which resulted in the Red Moon Inn becoming a big, fat target now that it was clearly visible again.
The rats were able to infiltrate his tower, after all.

The unknown voice in the Drachenfels map already gives us a pretty clear reason as to why he became a ranger in search of Karak Zorn.

Oh, I’d love official Vermintide graphic novels! Stuff like this is always fun to delve into if it’s done right.

I think it is possible that I didn’t play Enchanter’s Lair much with Bardin yet. Although, recently I had an IB run there but got no “voice” events as they seem kinda random. So, any spoilers?

Played mostly as Sienna (and her trust issues and a person called Sophia we never heard of before), Kerillian (and her guilt and pride issues) and Markus (and his PTSD). And while the “voice” does hint at a lot of stuff it still doesn’t paint the whole picture.

Someone got all of the voice lines capped right here:


Bardin was a sort of watchman and an Ironbreaker in Karak Ziflin, and every other sentry other than him got killed as the skaven invasion began. He could have potentially alerted the city of them, but he failed, and because of him (or so he believes), Ziflin got devoured and everyone, including his son Mordin, got killed. Because of this, he became a ranger in search of Karak Zorn, but banter between characters and this Nameless Voice shows that it’s mainly to get away from his failure. It explains how an Ironbreaker (a very elite unit) can go to being a ranger (borderline outcast) and an explanation for his slayer career.
Fun fact, the painting Fate of Mordin references this, which is funny since I put that painting in Bardin’s quarters. Oh well, some rage fuel for him I suppose.


I do. And yeah it will be an issue !

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It does, it also tells us why Saltzpyre has a missing eye, why Kerillian’s exiled, how Sienna “thanked” her teacher. All these backgrounds can be covered in a 2-3 issue comic, except for Kruber who I feel has the longest history out of all the characters, which is why you see me putting Kruber’s example first before the other characters as I feel that atleast 6 issues will be enough to cover Kruber’s adventures, with 1 issue every month.