Official Fatshark Response: No updates planned for several more months

I’ve played this game for approximately 1600 hours and have love it, but lately I’ve been lacking any desire to play and most of my friends are now playing Helldivers 2 and having a great time. Vermintide 2 and Helldivers 2 are the games that this one competes with. It’s obvious to me that they value the development of VT2 more than Darktide and are far more eager to invest time and money in it than their flagship title. Unless this upcoming patch is essentially a Version 2.0 of the game, I don’t think the game will be able to recover. This was the last straw for me and my circle of friends since too many individuals are checking out.

The shills on this site may go on and on about how amazing the content that hasn’t been released in the game files is and how Fat Shark has great plans that they won’t share with us. I’ve been here since Vermintide 1, and at this point in its development, this game is unquestionably in a worse state of development than either of previous titles. I’m sick of trying to act like this game’s development isn’t the worst thing Fatshark has ever produced.


This is a good example of hyperbole.

She is sharing what they are working on in the coming months

Does not equal

No updates for months


I know language can be hard when you’re not a native speaker.

Coming months =/= Not until months

Coming months means, they could be releasing something in 2 weeks, then the month thereafter another thing and then something else 3 months out.

Just like in the coming weeks could still imply something today and then the plans for something thereafter.


“what we are working on currently for updates in the coming months” doesn’t mean that there will be multiple months before we get an update (while it doesn’t mean that we will see an update tomorrow either)

In the coming months, we will see multiple updates, so they will talk about multiple updates scheduled over a couple of month, kinda like they once did with the Comm Links last year (right before the Skull update/festival)


Working on implying its not finished ( wording is present tense and not past) and what is not finished need time to… You guessed it finish it… And the coming months part implying the time frame how long does take to finish it…

Conclusion: Fatshark does not had anything after zola special event…


Yes I understand and comprehend English. What I’m saying is they are NOT saying there will be no content for months. That is your interpretation of, what seems like, an incorrectly comprehended statement they made. I’m just saying calm down. We will have updates and they aren’t 2-3 months out as far as anyone can tell

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I does not considering bug fixes and fidling with backend numbers (aka balances) as content! That’s maintenance !


In any case, why not wait for it to be posted before doom calling ? Like it’s supposed to go up this week.

Without intention to “defend” FS for not communicating with us for the past 3-4 months, I do believe headlines like the one in this thread are counter-productive for the sole reason that you discourage FS to say or post anything out of fear it will be twisted and used as ammunition against them.

Lack of communication is already bad as it is, no need to make it worse.

Imo, best way to help resolve this situation as a player is to simply go play something else, spend your money elsewhere and let them figure out for themselves if they want to bring you back and how they are gonna do it


Yeah this is definitely jumping the gun. Like i will be there when FS screws up once again, but this is intentionally trying to light up fire when its not even warranted.
At least give them the decency to post whatever they are about to post before going for the pitchforks.


As a fellow fan since VT1 . . . yeah, man, I feel your frustration.

I will say, though, that I think this is just par for the course with Fatshark. No, it’s not okay, but all of their games feel frequently abandoned and in a really bad shape for a long period of time. So while it’s all terrible, I don’t think I can agree it’s the worst thing Fatshark has produced. XD

That said, I will be pleasantly (very) surprised if they do put out anything approaching soon.

“I have played this game for 1600 hours”

“Lately I have been lacking any desire to play”

“Most of my friends are playing Helldivers 2 and having a great time”

Let’s break this down - average playtime for a triple A game is around 40 hours. You have accumulated FORTY TIMES more hours than the average player. As a result, your desire to play is subsiding and you expect content to make up for your lack of motivation. Instead of maybe moving onto something new or maybe taking a break, you sit and complain about lack of content on a game you’ve played forty times more often than the average gamer plays any game.

Do you understand the point of my post?


Exactly… and with such behaviour you (OP) give fatshark even more reason to less communicate… if it could be possible.

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The bigger issue is the fact that (if the CM’s are being earnest and honest about their efforts) nobody at Fatshark seems to want to talk about Darktide. The fact that a CM can’t get a Dev manager to say ANYTHING about the game after literal weeks of apparent attempts is, well, illuminating.

The game essentially only reached a “launch” state at the beginning of October with Patch 13 and the Xbox release. Since then we’ve gotten the Twins fight and some Shovels, but not much else, and now we’re halfway into March, and nobody has any more clue about what’s in store for the game in 2024 than we did back in October, and so far now that we’re nearly a quarter of the way through the year, it doesn’t look like there’s much on deck.

We’ve had consistent, long-standing issues around Crafting and RNG itemization that have been the single largest feedback point across every community interaction and review platform be it here, Reddit, Steam Reviews, etc. The playerbase enjoyed a brief resurgence with Patch 13, only for that to collapse again. There’s a clear retention issue, and nobody at Fatshark seems to care and somebody there really does not want to talk about their RNG/Gacha gambling mechanic infatuation.

As far as Fatshark’s management is concerned, this state of affairs appears to be okay. This product shipped, they got their Preorder bucks, and it’s on to the next thing apparently. Retaining and growing the playerbase the way Deep Rock Galactic or L4D2 or PayDay2 have over time isn’t of interest. While the new hotness product on the market (HD2) is routinely sporting 100x+ as many players as Darktide some evenings, Fatshark appears to just be moving on.


There is a difference between grinding yourself by sunk cost fallacy and playing it because you wanted it… And that difference is enjoyment.

By the first instance you can inflate your playtime just to overcome / bruteforce a deliberate ingame roadblock like the early shopcamp in DT or night club AFKing at GTA5 online for cash… so comparing playtime as some sort of enjoyment measurement without specifiyng the type of the compared games is a fals equivalency…

Also comparing DT playtime to a avarge AAA game 40 hour playtime bit misleading… 40 hour playtime is for a well made singleplayer RPG(?) like wicher. For a pseudo live servicer online only multiplayer game we talking about YEARS in scale ! even 800-1000-1500 hour is a rookie number compared to wow / r6 siege / WOT / TF2, amount of time investment / sink.


No, It’s also not surprising that you are the first to write and that you insult others as is your regular manner of communicating with people.

I know enough about Fatshark to realize that Catfish intentionally included wording that may be misunderstood and unclear. People are not stupid and we can all easily read between the words and get the intended meaning.


I haven’t insulted anyone. You’re just trying to stir something up.

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I think Fatshark simply lies through their collective teeth about their capacity to develop more than one thing at a time and since most of their resources are going to VT2 Versus they simply don’t have the capacity to develop anything. I expect significant content in June if it arrives at all.


It seems like you are trying to make me look foolish by saying that I am illiterate since I didn’t interpret the message the same as you.

I’ll stir the pot when people call me dumb.

I gave you the benefit of doubt. “In the coming months/weeks/days” is a clearly defined term and you’re trying to interprete it differently. You’re reading quite a lot into the few words I typed, too.