Off-Topic Fridays: Where in the (Real) World Do You Want to Visit Next?

I really want to explore the quieter parts of Scotland. There’s something magical about the place. I’d like to do the North Coast 500 which is a a driven scenic route around the north coast, covering 516 miles!

Where in the (real) world do you want to visit next? :world_map:


It’s Friday already? Waduhek?!

Since you’re limiting it to the real world, I think it’s gotta be Iceland for me (else I’d opt for the Moon, or the ISS. Somewhere in space, maaan).


  • aurora borealis
  • epic landscapes
    • volcanoes
    • caves
    • waterfalls
    • mountains
    • trails
    • lakes
    • glaciers
    • springs
    • etc
  • beers

Area 51 :rofl:


New Zealand looks like a fantastic place to go, great landscapes, LOTR sets and film locations, and I find the Maori culture quite interesting, something I’l love to learn more about.


As much as I love space I’d feel like they’d get boring quite quickly, there’s not really much to do on the moon its rather empty and barren, I’d be up to visit for a few days but after that I think I’d just want to go home.

You’re saying this like it’s a bad thing.

smh bruh smh


Space smells of steak. It’s my nirvana.


Oh this is tough-

I haven’t travelled that much but i´ve been by some amazing places and islands in Greece, incredible scenery coupled with huge amounts of great food and even some of my favorite fish dishes are easily available there unlike here in Sweden.

I also went around a few places in Turkey before the political unrest really kicked in and saw some amazing sights. I cant recall the names but there was this giant bazaar with music, scent of various grilled foods as well as endless stalls filled with wares of all kinds.

The stallkeepers eagerly calling out while people went around with their eyes wide or standing on the side munching or browsing was a vivid sight, there was this seemingly endless enthusiasm and energy overflowing all over.

Another place was a hotel built into a wondrous natural site with a mini waterfall, a garden with mini canals built in and heaps of different flowers and colorful plants, even some fish playing around.

The Spannish island of Gran Canaria also has a lot of scenic spots with good food and ample relaxation, there was a time when i was walking back to the hotel i was staying at after visiting a local resurant via a walkway overlooking the sea. The sun was just setting so i got a great view of it seemingly slowly sinking into the sea while it gave off a gentle orange light whilst there was a pleasant breeze keeping the heat just right.

As i walked along the road the sunlight gradually faded while the …city?Area? Lights gradually got turned on and nightlife composed of a lot of singing, dancing, drinking and playing around got going, it was a amazing experience in its own right^^

But in Sweden´s credit, we have tons of beautiful islands and archipelagos with great natural sights too, plenty of good forests as well although they dont really have much until autumn when one can go looking for good mushrooms.

Well all in all i kinda wana revisit all those places, but i lack imagination too so there are probably a lot more places i´d like that i dont know about >.<


I’ve already been all over with the army, not to places of my choosing. But Jamaica was really nice, at least the tourist area where we had time off. I guess if I had one place to pick, probably Japan so I can go full weeb. I don’t like the heat though, so it would have to be in winter.


Oh, man, as someone from 'Mrrca I’d be so excited to go see Europe in any fashion. I want to see German forests and castles, see the big towns/mountains in Sweden and Norway and ski the slopes, check out the valleys in Switzerland, and eat all of the delicious food… all of it! I’ve only been out of country to Canada and Mexico, so I can’t really say I’m well traveled.


Hokkaido, it’s becoming a second home.

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I’m not much of a traveller, I like my home country too much for that. But there are two places I’ve wanted to visit for a while now, each for completely different reasons.

The nerd in me wants to visit Japan, spend a couple of weeks in there to see some history and geek out. There’s also my interest in martial arts certainly playing a part there.

On the other hand, I’ve hiked with my parents pretty much ever since I could. My first long hike (four nights, iirc) was just before I turned ten. That’s led me to love the nature, especially in Lapland. That side of me really wants to go hiking (or even riding, but at the moment I’m too heavy for that) in Iceland.

I guess there are a couple of other places that’d be nice to visit, but those two are really the most significant ones.


Don’t go, I grew up there and the constant uruk attacks really wear you down :wink:

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I’d like to visit Scotland and Canada. I love mountains and freshness. Unfortunately i live in the worst part of Maccaroni Land: Emilia Romagna. Here we have only flat-land and a lot of umidity both in summer and winter. I hate this.


The heat over there must be crippling! I’m in the UK at current and it’s 27c where I am, and naturally us British aren’t coping very well. :smiley:


JP is good, just manage every aspect of your trip by yourself, most of the people there can speak english to some degrees, the most important places have english signs, everything can be planned by time (ex. or most of the b&b/hotel/ryokan) , there’s the jp rail pass and infrastructure are awesome, so you can be brought anywhere.
When i’m there, usually I tend to pick a rented car, I’m planning right now a 2 weeks “tour de force” because mother told me she would like to go to Nagasaki and check ceramic and porcelaine museums. I’ll pull and push my relatives around Kyushu and Hokkaido :stuck_out_tongue:
Autumn is sanma season, so I’m going to erase that fish from the ocean.
If you ever think to plan anything, just pm me, probably I can give you a couple of advices.
Sh!t… I’m drooling :expressionless:

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today in the plant I was working (north of italy) the peek was 37°C and around 80% humidity, luckly I went back to my dear Garda lake and it’s around 30°C 53%

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I dig you. South of Brescia and seems to swim midair…

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Yep That’s the standard. There is a reason if Skaven invaded Tilea…damn rats LEAVE OUR LAND…ehi wait that would be a great mission on Vermintide…

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Sorry to disagree, but German beer & wurstels & forest and Italian castles, we have fortresses and castles in almost every town :stuck_out_tongue: ( just to underline how much united we were/are as a country :smiley: )

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