Looking for Group

  • with ballz
  • with patience
  • with humour
  • with ambitions


(around germany /europe at all to prevent lags for all)

This was the 1st legend deed i got some month ago… let us do it now guys :smiley:


Impossible! I was fully convinced that back to basics doesn’t drop on legend deeds. :face_with_monocle:

I like it, that´s why i look for 3 ppl to match that. :smiley:

Best challenge ever!

I’ve got one too… for Skittergate. We made it to Norsca only once so far out of many attempts. Love these deeds as well!

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Sent a PM. I’m in Scotland with fast internet.

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Hooo I’d like to try that too ! I’m in France so it shouldn’t lag much. I sent you a PM too.

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If we manage Righteous stand, we should be able to manage skittergate aswell. :wink:

I’m in US/Colorado, so not sure our connection would be good :frowning:

I think I’ve still got a “Back to Basics” deed for Into The Nest Legend. Not really looking forward to it…

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