Off-Topic Fridays: Where in the (Real) World Do You Want to Visit Next?

It always makes me laugh how much we Brits complain about the heat, then we go vacation in places around the Mediterranean. :joy: Although, I guess drinking a cold beer pool side in the heat is probably not the same as working in it.

That’s like Jamaica… I hated it there. Was so hot, then you jump in the water to cool down and it’s just as hot as the air, lol. Luckily, my island only hits high 30’s when we’re really unlucky. Normal temp is 28-32C with 70-90% humidity.

So turns out I’ll be visiting Ireland sometime this year. I try and do meet ups with people from Vermintide, FFXIV and other games a few times a year. We met up in Stockholm in March and we’re meeting up in London next month, well at least my wife is. I have to stay home with the kid this time :frowning: So I’ll do the next meet up in Ireland instead. Looking forward too it.


Cuba, definitely. Ireland as well! Family history stuff. Same for Czechia; Bohemia, specifically. :slight_smile: I actually kinda want to visit Sweden, it just seems very beautiful.

If we’re allowed to go beyond earth, then . . . well, space. 8) I want to go in space so badly.