Obstructive UI

I have an issue with the little shield that pops up and obstructs your vision. Often it will keep you from visibly being able to see a downed player and/or enemies that are about to land a nasty blow on ya. I often tag enemies through gas and crowds, then when an assassin lands on a player, I can’t always see clearly to get them off.

Maybe this is worse for me because I use very high FOV on a 4K TV set. I couldn’t find a sanctioned mod or UI option to change this. Maybe needs some reduced opacity, or use a filled-in red silhouette instead.

One of the worst offenders when it comes to obstructive UI is right after you get a boon. There’s nothing like opening a chest of trials, rushing to pick your boon, then turning to the 4 specials that spawned, and you can’t see anything because the boon pop-up info is blocking your view, dead center of the screen.

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You can dismiss the boon popup by hitting space. Without UI Tweaks, there isn’t a way to make the objective icon transparent, unfortunately.

These days, most adult players, particularly PC players, know exactly what they want out of their UI and how to tweak a game to optimize it to their preferences. However, it seems most games, Vermintide 2 included, continue the legacy of catering to the lowest common denominator of tech illiteracy by minimizing the information in the display and keeping options relatively restricted and simplistic.

Part of this might be console compatibility, and the challenges of maintaining support accross various hardware and software platforms for optimization, but the ‘UI Tweaks’ mod just seems to work well enough for most players.

Obstructive (and non-customizable) UI gets more frustrating everytime I run into a problem with it. I want to shoot at some enemy, but often, I can’t accurately see their head, their animation, or movement through this icon, and its opacity does not fade until you are very close. Sometimes being close doesn’t make it fade, but I suspect that’s due to the FOV setting I have.