Boons and miracles Notification covers the crosshair

When you receive a boon, miracle, etc while playing the expeditions, The little window that notifies you of what you got, pops up exactly in the center of your screen and covers up your crosshairs. There’s often combat still going on, so you’re effectively blinded for a couple of seconds.

Could they be moved so that they’re 2/3rds of the way down the screen rather than being centered?


I usually wait for combat to end, or wait for space to open up before grabbing a boon, so I haven’t had this issue personally.

Seeing as though player choice plays a role in how this affects our gameplay, it could be nice to have the option to choose where the popup appears on the screen.

It would also be nice for any new boons that you obtain to have a temporary ‘glow’ effect, like when you receive an item from a chest, under the boon icon in the ‘I’ menu for observing our talents and boons.

After all, it isn’t always easy to see what boon we just received, and trying to identify it is a time when I get hit, as I’m not paying attention to what is around me, and highlights a similar issue to op’s.

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