UI improvement please

  • Please put a dot reticle in the center of the screen for all shotguns, plasma guns and any other gun with a box style reticle. Would also appreciate if I could toggle the dot to stay on screen when ADS to make using blocky iron sights more affective.

  • Please add color changes to ammo UI to mirror what the team sees to cut down on confusion in public games.

  • Please remove the blitz ui icon from psykers and ogryns using the big friendly rock, for the same reason.

Every now and then in public games the flow of the match stops because one well intentioned player refuses to move until someone who shows low on ammo or empty on grenades backtracks to grab a pickup, but some weapons are so efficient or have such high numerical count of ammo that we have no idea what the hold up is, double for psykers and rock throwing ogryns who don’t know they’re the ones being waited on.

~ I know there are mods for these, but mods break after every update and modders can’t be expected to always have their mods fixed ~

Why would they remove the grenade ui from the ogryn when they use rocks (or zealot using knifes)?
They still have a limited amount of grenades and it would probably be interesting to see how many they have left.

You should not be worried about sharing grenade boxes with them anyway, since you can see their grenade of choice before the mission.
Even if you or the ogryn/zealot was not part of that pre-mission screen, you would see them using the rocks/knifes, or notice how their “grenades” refill themselves.


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