[QualityofLife ] UI can be better

Veteran main.

  1. The Veteran’s highlight is currently a yellow-orange color. In many lighting conditions, this is not noticeable enough,significantly prolongs the distinguishing time.
  2. A more serious problem is the flame. I understand that flames obstruct the player’s vision - this is not a new design, and is reasonabe obstruction. But I don’t know if it’s your intention to have the flame occlusion hit effect and the veteran’s highlighting (as you know these are ui parts). It would be lovely if DIY is aviliable for ui (maybe we will have mods for that?).
  3. The smoke from the revolver is currently too thick. If you use it you should find that the gun smoke completely covers the ADS when standing still. Is the current empire still using the black powder from Reikland?
  4. Hope to add a voice that will trigger “No more grenades!” when pressing G without a grenade.

Trying to find the outline of a toxflamer inside the flame is lots of fun.

There’s a lot of user experience things that need to be tweaked. A big one is the Lucius pattern lasgun where the charging animation significantly obscures your vision when charging and the smoke blocks your vision after firing.

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