Now no pick up deed gives us 3tome 2grim


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Yea, saw people discussing this on discord. I don’t see the issue. It just makes the deed harder with 2 grims as there’s no healing or items. If they do want to remove them, at least leave the grims and take the tomes away.

And you were always able to get grims on certain maps, as they are spawned in by an event and not just laying around.

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yeah like fort brachen, skitter and warcamp
but taking 0~1grim only by deed is bad design and i love this change

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So this wasn’t shown in any changelog?

Seems pretty important to include in the changelog. What else is missing…

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I agree with @arknox in that this change, if indeed it was purposeful, should have been included in the patch notes.

Otherwise, it’s actually a feature that’s been requested for a while (by myself and others), as Deprivation Deeds otherwise gave pitiable rewards compared to any other Deed where you could still bring up the value of the initial completion reward chest. This way, it’s closer to the rest in reward value.

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