Deed - Deprivation (No pickups will be found in the level)

I think that the Deed that is called Deprivation (No pickups will be found in the level) should still spawn Tomes and Grims.

Deeds are a fun idea and I understand that it is what they are, fun and to give us some extra challenge. But I think that Deprivation should still spawn Tomes and Grims so you have a chance to get better loot at the end.


Agreed, but I am guessing all these items are part of a class… So, it’d likely take a bit more work to split them out.

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So thats why they weren’t there… Thanks for claifying that and yes they should.

Fun fact, some grims that are spawned are still available with deprivation same goes for loot die and loot rat drops.

I knew about the loot rat but I did not know that some grims spawn. Do you know which grim that spawn? My guess is that it’s grims that you have to “summon” like the one on The War camp?


correct, another example would be the one on skittergate, it doesn’t spawn till you drop the crate so with no pick ups its still obtainable.

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