2nd grim still obtainable during Skittergate Deprivation Deed

Issue Summary:
When playing a Heroic Deed with deprivation, it typically removes all tomes and grimoires from the map. If you get a Skittergate Heroic Deed with deprivation, you can still get the 2nd grimoire.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Start a Skittergate Heroic Deed with deprivation (no pick ups in mission)
  2. Shoot line to release 2nd grimoire location
  3. Pick up grimoire

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):
Constant (100%)

This is also the case for Brachsenbrücke’s and War Camp’s second Grimoires, and possibly any other book that gets generated during the run due to one trigger or another (dropping the platform and crate, pulling the lift lever, and lighting the candles, respectively).

It seems that Deprivation takes away any items, including books, that are generated on map generation, but these Grimoires skirt around that by not being there in the beginning, only being generated on completing the trigger.

Personally, I’d like to see at least all grimoires be available on Deprivation Deeds as otherwise its rewards are underwhelming at best, and grims still carry a hefty penalty. Tomes are more questionable, as their “penalty” gets mitigated by the Deed usually.

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I’ve played Fort Brach and The War Camp with deprivation deeds and was unable to get the last grimoire on those maps. The second grimoire on Skittergate is a guaranteed drop with the deprivation deed active.

Deprivation deed means no pickups therefore one should not be able to get books. That’s the penalty.

Have obtained 2nd grims on brachsen and war camp. Not just skittergate. They are all guaranteed as they all involve generation mid map.

It’s a known thing that user actions that generate the grim mid map still spawns those grims.


Huh… interesting. All of my deeds have deprivation and not once was I able to get the grimoire on Fort Brachs or The War Camp.

Just skittergate.

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