Can't open grimoire room on deprivation deed - barrel won't spawn

Issue Summary:
When you play with deprivation mutator on Against the grain or Hunger in the Dark, the barrel needed to open a room with a grimoire - does not spawn. Barrel on Empire in Flames not affected.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Play some deprivation deeds.
  2. Try to open grimoire room.
  3. See that there are no barrel to open it.

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):
Constant (100%)

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This isn’t really a bug because deprivation includes books too, nothing will spawn at all.

Personally I think they should put the books back in because they still increase the difficulty. Even if they don’t compete with consumables for inventory space the time it takes you to get the grims and certain tomes causes more hordes to spawn and thus makes the game more difficult.

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Haven’t they already?

This was fixed a while ago unless its bugged again.(Just did a fast run to confirm it still works.)
So you do find books/grims now its just that the means to access those say in against the grain map where you need the barrel it is simply not spawning currently making those grims un-obtainable.

This is in our bug tracker, thanks.

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Oh ok, that’s good to know.

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