Not being able to rescue dead players past "PONR" is dumb

PONR = Point of no return
Example, on Halescourge, we missed reviving a player before going down the guild mans lift, and after that he stayed up there the entire game. The spawn never moved forward, and we were forced to play with only 3 players for the entire level.

Is there a way to fix this issue? I understand that there might be some issues with it, but it seems odd to me that theres not a system in place to catch this sort of thing.


this is not a bad idea, actually, even if it doesn’t happen often

Especially when you’re using NO HUD mod.
(btw you could think of people with dyslexia who will read PORN instead)


Even someone who just takes a quick look at the new topics might need to take a second. ^^ The official short form for this is PNR if Iam not mixing that up.

Player Spawns are sometimes rather offroad and a lot of players dont take a look at where their body got placed after they spawned. Just forcing the camera of the fainted onto his body once it appears again might fix that. A quick message later and your team knows they need to get you before progressing.
You can always tab back to another player camera afterwards. I know people love automated systems, but stuff like this can also just be resolved by being that tiny bit social.
(Or one could get used to just taking a look at where one spawns in the first place, without someone forcing you to do it.)

… Then what the point of no return in that way?

Yes exactly, it goes both ways. When you get downed make a habit of letting your teammates know where you are, and as a player make sure to check.

I don’t think it happens that much that you forget a player? Not to say that op’s critique is not valid, as it’s very annoying if both players happen to forget that you either have to spectate or rejoin.

There are instances where you may be trying to kite a horde or boss or combination to your teammate spawns, and one of them happens to be halfway there and almost impossible to revive without completely failing the run, so you have to forget them and run for the other spawns.

Left 4 Dead had moving spawns; although that game used closets so it wasn’t as jarring for someone to move between them.

If you forgot elf, I see no problem there


Not being able to kite back, helping maps feel like they have some sort of obvious concrete progression points that breaks them up a little, sometimes acting as the lead in to an event of some sort that you shouldn’t be able to return from for obvious reasons.


The point of this feature is to ease loading towards your system so part of the level will disappear after passing this point.
Also, I think devs mentioned somewhere that they want to implement spawn traveling. So we might see it sometime in the future.
A valid question is why does abduction exist in the game?

Also not being able to track back for supplies and books.

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Definitely relevant for the ones near events yeah, and as far as I recall I think most of them are directly before events? Or boss triggers at the very least?

The world may never know the answer to this question. a modifier that either does nothing or just locks people out of playing completely with no in between is definitely a weird choice to include

It’s meant as a hardcore mode i think. Abduction in normal games is just boring as you probably won’t die anyway if you pay attention. Abduction + Vanguard + dhdd is spicy af tho or annoying depending how you look at it.

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I’m not saying you should have the ability to go back to those points to grab tomes/grims/items etc…
I’m just saying that if a teammate “respawns” (I.E is able to be rescued) and you miss him for whatever reason, it makes no sense why that spawn shouldn’t move forward in the level. Even if someone disconnects and rejoins the match, that character will be in that same unobtainable spot.

Seems wack yo.

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It can also be abused to grief players. I think there needs to be a distinction between gameplay balance and quality of life, because while dropping and being unable to backtrack for items totally makes sense, as you said having a player stuck as spectator the rest of a map is just ridiculous.


I think a better thing to encourage is players just paying attention isn’t it? You can see very clearly when someone is downed and can be revived, it’s a team game which means you have to have some awareness of your team.

An argument is that when you are overwhelmed by alot of enemies that you maybe cannot revive and have to kite a bit further away and if that is a pnr then that player is out of the game forever.

A counter to this could be that making player spawns move would make it very easy to not pay attention to positioning and just run forward, drop and revive. If you have alot of enemies on you that is probably because you rushed forward to hard to rescue and pulled alot of ambient.

Simply forgetting players when nothing is on you is purely awareness but i don’t think it’s especially about just forgetting, but morz about not being able to in certain situations

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To alleviate just rushing forward like that, you could start the respawn timer over for those players when they are moved. That way there is still a delay before you can just revive.

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Give this man a shilling !

not to mention that even if someone does just completely forget a rez and drops down, the punishment shouldn’t be some other player getting locked out of the game for the entire rest of the run. that’s crazy disproportionate, and doesn’t even punish the person who made the mistake