Not being able to chose missions removes the incitament to play

So the reason now why I am playing is to get my last “Heresy” difficulty mission for a penance. Also want to do add that I have no idea WHICH type of mission it is but yeah…

So when I enter the Mourningstar and check the missions available I see that the only missions available are strike and raid missions (on heresy). Which I know I have completed already.

So I log out and try a few hours later. Same. Is this how the gameplay loop is supposed to be?

I dont need more credits, they are useless to me and I have a shitton of em. Completing contracts is useless to me aswell since the weapons available are always worse than those I have.

Please Fatshark. Let us choose mission type and difficulty. That would allow me to choose “fun” missions whenever I feel I have no incatement to play.

While I agree that we must be able to chose our missions, I disagree that it’s a reason not to play.I enjoy the core gameplay loop well enough. I do want to see this fixed though.

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