Let us select mission difficulty

I have spent 2 days waiting on a Heresy Repair mission so I can finally finish my Psyker Penances. This isn’t some skill issue nonsense. I literally am being held back by something that is completely out of my control.
Some of us also work for a living and can’t hover the mission terminal all day in a desperate bid to finally see that 1 mission we have to complete to finally achieve progress.
Like if you want the currently available missions to be random, fine, whatever, but if you want to be like DRG, remember that they let you pick the hazard level for the mission.


Rock and Stone

Stony Rock! I agree with the sentiment as well, there is often times when the only mission with a grim or scripture secondary is on a 4-5 mission difficulty only when ill check the terminal and while im getting to the point of being able to do Heresy difficulty (4*) i dont want to be forced to do it to try and make progress for my weeklies. I dont have and unlimited amount of time every day to sit and wait for the missions to refresh and be a reasonable mission with the secondary i need. I reasonable want to be able to get on do a mission at the difficulty i want and if there is a secondary for it to be on a doable mission difficulty.

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