Not able to mark enemies through fences, also hair clipping

Two issues I’d like to report:

  1. Enemies (such as Snipers) are able to spawn in areas that are behind mesh fences. This allows them to shoot at you without you being able to mark them. If they are far back enough, it makes it incredibly difficult to shoot them before dying. This occurred in the final area of the Silo Cluster water purification mission: a Sniper spawned behind the exit fence and was able to shoot through it, and was not able to be marked.

  2. Many hairstyles and eyebrows clip into characters’ heads and faces. Some faces more so than others.


Tagging is horrible, I have to push the key like 5 times to tag anything. And it’s a toggle on top of that!

Tho rule should be: if you can shoot through it, you can tag through it.