Nobody is looting anymore

I noticed for the past month or so that I end up with 600+ plasteel 9 games out of 10.

People are just walking past mats and items, even when marked.

Not only I have to babysit these plebs, but I have to loot everything for them too.

I’m fed up with this, Fatshark please consider removing collectible materials and make a specific earning after the mission is completed.

You could also remove a lot of openable crates and put them all on the main path so I don’t have to check every corner of the map for an item while my team is feeding 3 rooms ahead.



same… but it makes your run more difficult, and also you can make your skills progress…

sad part is that the team, as they never want to even pause 1 second, tend to want to die…

And no… I don’t feel fautive to go looting and that the teammates die… they are fautive to not loot and to not take a look at other players.


Yes, and most of them have the balls to type “???” in Narnia as if I’m the one not playing the game properly.

But ultimately it is a game design issue.


It is a game design issue in that we’ve hit the point where even the Xbox players and new blood brought in from the class overhaul just…don’t give a darn about collecting crafting materials.

I’m guessing people can recognize a rigged game and are choosing not to play.


50% plasteel bonus for the top collectors please.


Yup. I collect mats because it’s not a big deal to fight off enemies and pick up stuff at the same time, but I don’t really fault anyone for not going out of their way to get the stuff.

Running past materials that literally only required pressing E while going in the direction one was already going in to pick up is a marker of a braindead player though, and I do see a lot of that.


Thankfully most of the time at least in my region, most teams do gather mats. Well, I say teams when what I mean is at least someone else besides myself. But when they don’t, it’s beyond annoying and just really exposes the flaws in this design.

If you end up in a team that ignores looting, you’re screwed in every way. Not only are the materials shared, but all the nades, ammo, meds & stimms etc. you find and ping all helps everyone else. Yet to do that, you’re forced to isolate out of coherency, making the AI increase spawns for everyone while focusing disablers on you specifically. Meanwhile as the rest keep actually playing and fighting, you’re reduced to little more than a loot bot clicking item prompts alone, instead of actually having fun. And by the time you’ve had enough and leave? Yeah… those people who did nothing keep all the loot you just gathered, while you ofc lose everything. Fantastic isn’t it?

But what can you do? If nobody loots then the whole mission is nothing but a waste of time. So you’re screwed no matter what. It’s because of this that for a long time now I’ve always paid real close attention to this whenever I join a game. And if I got one of those teams that just flat out ignores mats and looting, I’ll get out of there asap. But now with fewer players it doesn’t even end there, because requeuing is likely to put me in the same mission all over again. So sometimes I’m literally forced to take a break, switch missions or temporarily add one of them to my blocklist, all just to get to play at all! It’s infuriating when this happens.

But honestly, what options are there even really? If loot was personal, or if the biggest looters got the biggest rewards, it would create a whole herd of new and obvious problems. Likewise if mats were given at the end of the mission instead and the crates lost their meaning beyond ammo etc, the whole map design would break down, the game would become a boring linear sprint to the end.

So all in all, given what we have this is still the best option. Doesn’t make any of it feel any better ofc. :slightly_frowning_face:


that’ll happen when the playerbase starts to hit the point where mats aren’t needed for them.

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I’ve got over 40k plasteel and over 20k diamantine and I still loot every single box. I guess I have a problem :joy:

I’ve run out of them before and it was so annoying I vowed to never be short on supply ever again.

As soon as the new updates come then I’m hoping I’ll have use for my stash.

But yeah I don’t get people speed-running. Maybe they’re doing a penance that requires x amount of missions completed but still it’s annoying. No reason to not pick up loot that’s right infront of you.

Maybe disinformation is at play. I read another comment somewhere that said they’d seen a streamer tell people that you get more resources at the end of the match if you leave them… So could be some ignorance there

If there is an item that i can spend for i will continue to collect. However there is not any for me. We need more gears, new side talents or new blessings spend for.

I’ve notice this as well. There was a discussion about it over at Steam. I share your experience, that most groups/players, just run past it all. The reason for this are probably many. Like being burned out on the tedious task of collecting.

I’ve found myself stopping with this as well at times, as one of two things can happen as a result of it.

1: The team dies, because they can’t handle what’s thrown at them without me being present.
2: I get swarmed by specials and disablers, and can barely make my way back to the team who sprints ahead at full speed. Which is frustrating, even though I can manage most things, that’s not how I want to play the game. Solo in a co-op, collecting loot while trying to survive in a Dark Souls:esk experience.

I also want to hit big swarms of enemies and kill elites and what not, but I also want the essentials for character progression. :face_exhaling:

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This reignites my desire to have a simple check box in the lobby match finder… A single box asking if you are a looter or speed runner - then it just gives 1 extra layer of match making preferential parameters.

Would still match you with a speed runner if no looter heavy games available but the higher chance of finding like minded players would be cool


I was also originally a person who just tried to loot everything on the map to get mats so I can craft the weapons I wanted, but I soon realised that with how rigged the crafting is and how much you’re just dragging out the game by going to a small cramped corner on the other side of the path just to grab a small plasteel, that it simply just got tiring.

I just want to play the game, not spend half the game fighting and the other half god knows where opening empty chests or getting a measly small diamantine while my team is pushing ahead.

I just open crates when they are near me and only look for boxes if I’m almost out of ammo.

I do pick up mats I see but I don’t look for them.

DT end game is just getting better at the game and clearing insane malistrom runs so who cares about searching for unnecessary resources.

It’s more important to stick near the team so we can clear the Hi intensity shocktroop gauntlet run we all signed up for.

You get like 12 plasteel and a pat on the back for failing a mission.

You get about 500 PS minimum if you just grab what’s on the main path as a group and clear no matter what.

me, i care.

for auric maelstrom stopped being “insane” and turned into normal mode some time ago i do spin the wheel every now and then to get that 2% better weapon or even my first usable of a category i havent tried yet due to getting brick after brick.

plus it adds to the dopamine to grab just one more canister while i’m chopping down hordes anyways.

opening a crate between pushbacks and picking up after a follow up strike rather adds to the repetition and makes for a nice flow.

like beating up someone onehanded and chugging a cold one with the other :smile:

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in my experience people struggling while others are looting would have gone down the next encounter anyways.

by now it feels like such an organic part of moving through maps i can draw on paper blindfolded, that its not even going out of the way much.

one slide around a corner and back to peek and grab usually goes hand in hand with checking for trouble, you hear a bark its snuggle time in a doorway or use obstacles to block its pounce.

those running ahead do so even if you are stuck with bosses, happend yesterday, guys just went on without a care in the world :roll_eyes:

so by now i grab what i can, things go south anyways and if we do get to the finish line i enjoy my full pockets. :+1:

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Ok but if you really want resources you can just do anything else in the damnation difficulty and not have to worry about others because you know your gonna clear.

If your in the end end game and find it easy just rember others don’t and they just want to clear and don’t need some guy who constantly isolates him self by looking resources making more stuff spawn.

You can still play fast and loot everything in auric maelstroms, and its painfully obvious especially when you play in a premade with good players. Its just that the pub experience is often miserable.

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Idk what your talking about he’s complaining about how he has 3 speed runners and he’s stuck looking for loot.
If he’s in a premade he’s got more problems then we think.

That said like 50% of pubs end in failure and good premades make the game a walk in the park.

The game doesn’t enable you to feel like looting is necessary. It also isn’t fun to loot

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