Plasteel ninja

Since the release of full crafting system players have been speed running missions for plasteel, and for good reason. I know I have, because at last I can try all the interesting builds on all my alts. I only need more plasteel.

The problem is that a ranged character (mostly psykers and veterans) can never be as fast as Unstoppable Ogryn or even Thy Wrath Be Swift-Knife Zealots. I feel like it ruins the game experience for some people when all that sweet plasteel/diamantine gets ninja-swiped by others. I know I certainly get frustrated on my support psyker that kinda sorta needs to stay back on damnation or else becomes a pain in the butt for everyone on the team.

So I have been wondering whether it would be a good idea to be able to share all plasteel/diamantine gathered by all players during the mission? It could be optional, for those of us who enjoy teammates tears/ninja experience.

So who’s gonna tell him?


I’ll do it.

OP all materials picked up are already shared across the party. I’m not sure how you got the impression otherwise.


Didn’t know that. Some people got really upset because I pick up all the resources. So I kinda assumed they didn’t get a share.

Thanks for clarifying!

Worst than that… People try to speed run and the outcome is:

  • Missions fail a lot cause they don’t want to wait others or cause they jump in middle of ambushes
  • They miss 50% of plasteel… Searching on all the map can take 5 more minutes on 25 - 30 minutes a mission lasts

That’s sad, but true

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I feel like it should be more obvious that all resources collected are shared.

Just to be clear we’re talking about material drops. Grenades and ammo certainly aren’t.

Why would anyone need grenades or ammo when all you need is a knife! :partying_face: