Shared Plasteel/ Diamonds/ Ammo etc

When picking up Plasteel/ Diamonds, this should be shared, so everyone gets the same Amount, regardeless of whom picks it up. Personal Loot does not encourage Teamplay and will make Peopz angry. Players will run off just for that and get killed.

Maybe even shared Ammo since sometimes you did just get 6 Bullets from one Ammo Pickup which is ridicoulesly low sometimes…


Yes please (on the resources ^^), personally I’d like the materials to be cross characters as well.


It’s a confirmed bug. And it should be tied to contract progress too.


disagree on the ammo share, we need decisions so expressing teamplay has any value if the game equalizes everything there is no learning

tho i wouldn’t argue that weapons seem to have a big discrepancy in sustainability and need


I saw a reddit post recently listing Hedges statements on the discord and Pasteel is apparently shared but was bugged in the beta.

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Yeah even better, like in V2!

So even when we pick up before Lvl 11 like in the Beta it does Count towards after?!

This why maybe. Cause whe you get 6 Ammo for Rippergun, it doesnt sit well with my Ogryn ^^

Diamonds aswell, or what they are called i forgot?

I prefer if ammo is not shared, there has to be consequences for bad team work, otherwise good team work becomes irrelevant.
Tell them if you need it, use your voice.

No, I don’t think you get any progress to any contract until you unlock them.

I recall Hedge saying that Plasteel/Diamonds not being shared was probably a bug.

As for sharing ammo, while the idea is nice I think it takes away from gameplay. Deciding who gets the ammo and how recklessly you can use it is an important part of progressing through a mission.

The UI just needs work so you can see how much ammo people have and see who needs it the most. Otherwise you can just run through a level spamming E on items without even thinking.

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Diamantine. I guess it’s the Chinesium-version of Adamantine.


never heard of it so i went and looked it up, apparently diamantine is a thing in 40k to describe a composit ceramic meterial that either has diamonds partly in its structure or resembles the molecular structure of diamonds

in other words its space kevlar

Interesting. In RL, adamantine is actually a molecule of a single diamond crystal lattice, the smallest chunk it could be and still retain the same atomic geometry.

Sounds like something got switched around in ~39,000 years of chemistry records.

Also, in RL, diamond actually makes pretty poor armor, it’s too brittle (but certain other carbon lattices like graphene would theoretically make great armor, among other things). Hella hard though. Good for etching and cutting, like chainsword teeth maybe.

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they made armor with gold so…