No option to enable Nvidia Reflex

Issue Description:
In the pre-order beta, the options to use Nvidia Reflex were available in the launcher and maybe in-game - can’t remember. Since release, those options have disappeared both in-game and in the launcher.

Is this something to do with this feature only being supported on certain GPU’s? I’m running a GTX 900 series card so I guess I wouldn’t be too surprised.

Edit: After looking at the launcher log I can see that it says it’s unsupported. Is there a reason for this? It was available previous to the launch patch and is available in other games.


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Constant (100%)

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console-2022-12-09-02.10.15-fcef2c6a-e601-451d-99db-cd8e8d940c96.log (414.8 KB)

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