6800 xt but no ray tracing settings in game menu?

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Don’t think there is any ray tracing in the game for non Nvidia concerned cards.

They do have a partnership with Nvidia and constantly showed throughout the years they have no diligence in supporting AMD cards advanced functionalities.

No help from a Moderator or game Dev ??? wow rly bad --…-- found a othe rpost where more poeple complanin about that complete missing stuff even on rtx cards

So RayTracing is currently disabled for AMD GPUs as there are some issues with it that we’re battling.

Keep on working! We count on you to bring RT on ALL capable hardware.
Btw.: implementation of the recent FSR-version 2.2 would be nice too.

that’s good to know
you guys did not reply to my performance post asking about that :stuck_out_tongue: