Darktide missing "Ray-Tracing option" in Graphic options

I want to tweak the graphics down a bit, with one of the options wanting to tweak the most being “Ray Tracing”. However, that option is missing altogether from the graphics menu options. I have no idea if it’s only me the one with this problem or more people have it, nonetheless, I wished to post this in here to see if this could be checked out or so. Or at least have have some help with having that option appear again.


What GPU do you have, 6800 here with missing options.

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Have same issue with rtx 3060 =(

Same here 6800 XT no ra ytrace options at all -.- cant chnage it at all runs smoth but wanna try ray trace at all -.-

You solved it ???

I have the exact same problem. Using a 6800 XT.

same here. 6800xt. the first time i booted the game up I had the options in game but I never saw them again so set RT options I wanted manually via the config file though I’m not 100% sure its functioning as i have great performance lol.

global illumination is ray tracing is it not?

2070 Super here. RT is not showing in the graphics options for me either.