Nice twitch crashes

There are too much crashes nowadays.

I haven’t experienced much crashes before Engineer.
Game was stable. But after Engineer, I’m always scared of crash.
After crash today, I’m not willing to launch game until tomorrow.

It’s so frustrating, I was slaughtering 5th monster as solo.

I would rather choose roll back to pre-Engineer. Engineer is not attracting. Only cluster of crashes.

crash_dump-2021-01-12-12.51.24-239d26a2-8f10-4699-9615-f5a16fa8a3cb.dmp (653.3 KB)
console-2021-01-12-12.51.24-239d26a2-8f10-4699-9615-f5a16fa8a3cb.log (622.7 KB)

Sorry about this - we’re working on it.

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