Game crashes too much after patch

crash_dump-2020-12-15-14.30.50-bb329a88-6dd9-4645-8815-984cd75d68d7.dmp (663.2 KB) crash_dump-2020-12-16-07.24.10-b2189178-e8fa-4369-98a7-1659f4af277a.dmp (674.9 KB)

Seriously? Crash literally all the time. Couldn’t even finish one single full twitch run.
I just can’t play game because of crashes.

Can see why lobby number gone to bottom.

Sorry to hear you’re having a bad time with crashes currently @jiyakelma :frowning:

Could you please provide a crash report the next time? specifically the GUID string displayed after submitting your report, so we can take a look. Thank you in advance!

There was no crash report as usual. No crash report these days after engineer patch. Always.

Ah right! In that case… if you encounter any further crashes and it’s not possible to submit a crash report, if you could provide your console logs from that session and a description of what potentially led to the crash, that may be useful still :slight_smile:

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