Crashing after latest patch

Issue Summary: I’ve tried to play about 6 or 8 games since the latest patch and they continue to crash. At some point in the map, my whole team will get blue screen. The game is unplayable in quickplay and custom atm.

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I second that on PS4. V1.02

Every game crashes constantly. 10 games since the patch and each one has crashed.

In the current condition the game is unplayable

Which platform are you playing on, River?

Same on Xbox One, crashed twice during Skittergate.

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I play on Xbox and I’m having issues as well. Finished 2 games in the last 3 hours. The game is crashing and power cycling my xbox. I’m encounter connection time outs when trying to join friends lobbies. People trying to load in mid game are crashing the game. Also there is a weird sound bug while using fire weapons any overheat causes a static noise for the whole lobby that over powers all audio cues for specials and elites.

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We’re aware of the crashes our console players (both Xbox One + PS4) are experiencing and a patch is in the works, apologies for the inconvenience.

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