PS4 bordering on unplayable :(

Issue Summary:
PS4 has been crashing and disconnecting so regularly it’s almost not worth playing anymore.

I almost feel guilty posting this because I love this game so much and hate being negative but it’s really getting harder and harder to convince myself to keep playing. I can’t even keep track of the crashes and dc’s anymore. I just had a crash and 2 dc’s in a row. I have a small window of time to play this game and I spent 90 minutes just having game after game crash or disconnect. I have a gaming PC and could play this on PC if I want but I play on PS4 because I love the community and the people I play with. I have been playing since V1 and I love this game but please fix it. I’m starting to see hardcore players drop away from this game one by one because they literally can’t play it anymore. I know this is primarily a PC game but it was released on PS4 and the people who paid for it deserve better. I love the game but please fix it.

PS this is not even mentioning the issues getting into a lobby with the players you want. I spent as much time in the keep (or more) than I do actually killing rats.

PPS I still love the game that’s why I made this post. If it was any other game I would drop it and move to something else.

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Hey @omitten. We hear you bud, and we’re truly sorry. The last patch did include some debugging which has allowed us to track the cause of a whole bunch the crashes (which are often the cause of the disconnects as well) and a fix is in test now.

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