Endless disconnects and blue screens please help. Thank you

Issue Summary: constant disconnects on PlayStation4, doesn’t matter what mission I play nor what character I choose, nor does my ping seem to matter whether it’s 300 or 43 I disconnect within 2-10 minutes consistently and this is not an isolated incident I’ve been hosting lobbies for the last three hours and messaging everyone that joins and leaves if it was a disconnect and 80% confirm a “broken connection” “disconnected from host” or “error connecting to fatshark servers” along with numerous ce-3484-0 errors i.e poor optimization errors
Please get back to me as soon as possible I’m willing to provide any information pertaining to the the aforementioned issues. Thank you for your time.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Host a lobby
  2. Join a lobby
  3. Play the game in general

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):
Constant (100%) EVERY SINGLE TIME

Additional Information:

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Hey there!

ce-3484-0 errors i.e poor optimization errors

ce-3484-0 doesn’t mean poor optimisation, but is rather a generic ‘app has crashed’ error message. There’s a few things you can try on your side such as uninstalling, rebuilding your PS4 Database, then reinstalling the game.

When it comes to connectivity issues, a lot depends on your set up where you play. Are you hard wired via ethernet? If not, it’s worth trying to do that (not just for Vermintide but in general you’ll find a lot less trouble with connectivity when wired). Do you disconnect when you’re not hosting and only connecting to others? If so, it could be your connection isn’t comfortable hosting a lobby for others (again, if you’re on WiFi you should try ethernet to see if it fairs better).

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I have already deleted re installed and rebuilt my database and as far as the ce error when I called psn customer support they said the ce error was due to poor optimization so they’re lying or you’re lying but either way I am hardwired, it’s a full party disconnect doesn’t matter who hosts, i even disconnect in offline single player. Just want to know what I can do about it, if I can’t do anything please let me know so I’m not wasting anyone’s time.

It’s possible I looked up the wrong error, so I apologise. It wasn’t an intentional lie, when it comes to error codes we only have available what the mighty Google provides us, and in this case I cannot find specifics for the error you mentioned exactly and missread the results I did find.

When the game crashes however, we do get a report through and do investigate and resolve those that fall within our remit as quickly as possible.

The team are currently taking a break for the festive season, so I can’t do any chasing specifically right now, but when they return I shall see what they know about this one.

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I can empathize with that as google is a less than reputable search engine, all bs aside I just want the game to work. I spent the same 60$ cash money as everyone else and would like the product I purchased to work as advertised, and it’s ultimately to the benefit of fatshark to make absolutely sure this is the case! If it works as advertised I’ll recommend it to the folks I know, and they’ll buy it because they trust my judgment. I’m just frustrated because this is more evidence towards the idea you should NEVER trust anyone trying to sell you something because it just might be robbery in disguise but in the spirit of goodwill I still hold out hope these issues are resolved so I can say “yes friends of mine buy this vermintide2 game, it’s a heartfelt love letter to left for dead and it’s great!” But as of now I cannot honestly say any of those words. Thank you for taking the time to chat with me Mr. Hedge I know you’re a busy fellow and I appreciate the hard work you put in. Merry Christmas to you and yours, truly.

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