PS4 is utterly broken

Issue Summary:
PS4 has been hell to play for the last months, patch fixed some things but introduced more problems too.
We have to spend 40% of our time trying to get lobbies and games working, it’s insane.

Sometimes when someone joins a game, others will DC.
If you DC from a deed which happens A LOT you can’t back in the game, which is apparently intended but stupid since we can barely stay in games.
Trying to get people in a lobby takes 30-60 mins sometimes. We have to restart, reboot ps4, “reset” lobby by going to options>leave game, swap hosts etc etc etc.
Changing characters can even get you stuck.

It’s exhausting trying to play with people in a CO-OP game. We have been veeery patient but you are losing the core playerbase, my friends are getting sick and leaving. I stay because I really really love the game but I’m not sure for how long if this continues.
Most people play in private lobbies with bots but we’re trying to change that. We’re trying to get more people to play YOUR game.

I understand it’s not always easy, but PS4 players feel very left out and frustrated.
Does anyone in FS even play PS4?

I always report the crash when I get the chance to.

I don’t really like showing my frustration like this but we have had it, show that you care about your awesome player base or lose them. Veteran players ALWAYS help new players, people who need challenges, FoW etc etc but sometimes HOURS of work end in DC/crash. Ubersreik DLC is unplayable which I’ve already reported but still shows up in quick play and the list goes on.

We don’t expect perfection and instant fixes either, but give us something. We don’t want WoM if the game is barely playable, prioritise the right things, please.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Play PS4
  2. do anything and dc/crash
  3. wait and wait for a fix

Unfortunately I happen to share a majority of this sentiment and would love to be able to play this game without crashing every hour or so. Getting a group together is a challenge for the reasons listed above. Completing a mission without crashing is a coin flip. When updates come out there is excitement tempered by ritualistic bracing for new bugs and crashes.

We love you FatShark and are undoubtedly loyal fans. Some love back for your PS4 fans would be very appreciated! <3

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We hear your concerns and we apologise for all that you’ve had to put up with. :frowning:

A patch is in the works. :hearts:


I should add that this is indeed intentional, but we can take this onboard as a complaint!


Thank you! <3 Yeah I was told it was intentional but no one likes it, if people WANT to join they should be able to. It just makes things annoying especially if someone DCs. and if someone tries to join the deed it can dc/crash the whole party.

It’s getting worse. Not even rebooting fixes it now. Can’t even get people into my lobby or join other peoples lobbies.

I can’t even play now. I haven’t been able to play for the last 30 minutes and in that time I har blue screened 6, times kicked for inactivity after just 10 seconds at least 4 times, disconnected 5 times, and got to attempt 1 map for maybe a few minutes.

PSN was having a hiccup around the time of your comments, which I believe may have been the culprit. Is this still occurring?

I am in my keep now thank you for the information and keep up the work can’t wait for winds of magic

Yes I heard this too which made sense, but yes it is still going on. It can go from decent to real bad a few times during a day.

I know you fixed the issue with how the game crashed just from loading to the keep and everything and thank you for that, but for some reason it’s like gibbing is no longer a thing for me. I don’t know if this is a bug or it’s intentional, but it makes the game far less enjoyable to play. The loss of it has even cost me some games where I get stuck in a corner or something like that and my weapon just only hits one head that does nothing but bounces back like a rubber band. I hope y’all fix this soon

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