PS4/5 instability is unacceptable

I’ve held my tongue on this topic for a long while now and have simply dealt with these issues since I started playing this game because I believed FS would eventually get to fixing the obvious issues this game has. However, with the release of Weaves, Grail, Engi, Chaos Wastes, and Sister, these issues not only have not been fixed, they’ve gotten progressively worse. These basic game-breaking issues are unacceptable for a dev and a product that comes out with new paid content. I’m writing this letter to FS because I LOVE this game. Otherwise I would not have put 1300+ hours into it. Others like myself want this game to be the best it can but FS seems to think it’s okay to have a product held together with spit and gum instead. So here it goes anyway.

  1. Twitch votes are broken.
    More often than not when you get a vote for a monster the first vote you get will work and summon the voted monster in. However, every subsequent monster vote will be the same as the first monster that was voted in. For example. If chat voted for a Stormfiend as the first monster vote, every single monster vote will spawn a Stormfiend even if they voted otherwise. Also other votes for specials will spawn a completely random set of specials than what was voted for (though this issues occurs rarely) . Yes, I realize I am literally one of the only people who play Twitch mode on PS4 but it defeats the purpose of voting in the first place if you’re not going to get what you picked.

  2. Lobbies break for no reason
    This is the most egregious problem this game has and it literally breaks your game to the point where you have to restart it. If players join or leave your party, this can cause the hosts lobby to break to the point where no one can join him/her and he/she can’t join another lobby. Again, for the act of simply joining a lobby…and if you join a match mid-game? Better pray to Ranald because that breaks your lobby too. Players leave the match mid-game? You guessed it, breaks. Isn’t this game supposed to have seemless drop-in/drop-out coop? I know Tzeentch likes to mess with things so maybe FS should hire a Witch Hunter to find the guy responsible for the net code and deliver righteous justice and fix this literally game-breaking issue. Can you imagine if you’re playing call of duty (which is heresy btw and worthy of a visit from the Inquisition) and you simply joining a lobby broke the match and returned everyone to the menu and forced them to restart their game? Joking aside, FS, seriously, what are you doing to fix this?

  3. "Broken Connection"
    Very similar to the problem above. The rate at which myself or my teammates randomly D/C in a game has vastly increased. You’ll be playing a match and out of nowhere you’ll be dropped back into the Keep with an error screen that simply reads, “broken connection.” It is extremely frustrating to be making Sigmar proud cleansing the land of filthy chaos to all of a sudden just be dropped. Strangely enough this issue in-game is not punctuated with lag spikes or rubber banding or the usual poor connection wonkiness you would expect. One second you’re fighting a horde, the very next second in such a smooth transition that would make even Tzeentch blush, you’re dropped in the Keep looking at an error screen. Again, I cannot emphasize enough how much this issue has increased in frequency.

You have created my all-time favorite game, and to see you consistently ignore the most obvious issues while still peddling paid content does nothing to build my hopes for Darktide. In fact, I am terrified of how Darktide will turn out if after years after this games release basic connection problems plague V2 (at least on playstation, I obviously can’t speak to Xbox or PC). I know I will take heat for this upcoming statement but I don’t care. I don’t give a flying burning skaven about Salties new career or Fire Wutelgi’s career. I want this game fixed before any of that content is released for PS4. Every update you have done without fixing the glaring issues is not only unacceptable, it has made the problems worse. Maybe the Playstation community is too small for you to care about fixing the problems. Maybe fixing the problems will cost you more than you make in the sales of your new content for such a small community. So I guess I can expect the same treatment for Xbox Series X players of Darktide when the community eventually wanes like V2. I want this game (and eventually Darktide) to be epic. Instead I’m writing this because just getting the game to play a full match without any issues excites even Rasknitt. I haven’t even talked about the stability of Weaves or Chaos Wastes (like the final portal to finish the mission not opening up…) I wanted to keep to the main issues of their main game. I will continue to play V2 because Sigmar knows it is way too satisfying to purge the land of filthy chaos. So I’ll finally end with this…

Fatshark, Bless this ravaged game.



I appreciate your detailed, well-written post, and your calmness despite the irritating circumstances!

I have added this to our database for investigation.

This sounds very similar to an issue being reported on PC, which is currently under investigation. I’ve added your experience to the internal report.

These are much harder to deal with, admittedly. On PC we can simply request console logs or network monitoring logs, which isn’t really an option on consoles. :frowning:

Do you usually play with the same people, and is there one consistent person that hosts?

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I host 90% of the time because I have really strong internet and yes it’s usually with the same people. These issues regarding broken lobbies and “broken connection” have gotten worse over time. And it’s even worse for the group if Im off host. Also, if it helps, I can pull footage of the twitch votes not working if you would like.
Thank you for the response FSJulia.

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The same isssues have been happening to me even when playing with randoms wether I host or I join another player. Players’ conections don’t seem to be the problem, like Knight highlited there are no lag spikes before the “Broken Connection” error screen.

I can vouch for the connectivity issues 100%. Some days I’ll go hours without being able to matchmake on quickly with randoms because ‘connection timeout’ (due to their broken lobbies), and when matchmaking does occur its a miracle if one doesn’t DC mid-game. And once you pass the connectivity hurdles, you still play a game of chance with the game crashing. This game is literally unplayable at this stage for these reasons. Like Knight said, I still want to continue playing because you’re made an incredible game Fatshark, but if these issues are not fixed the endgame will be the extinction of an already small community on ps4 because everyone will eventually lose patience.

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