Random crashes after latest patch

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After the latest patch, game crashes randomly, and it failed to create crash reports. The crash link just suspended there. I found some logs please take a look.

console-2019-11-11-12.51.43-002cd0d2-86e1-45a5-9f75-9a6d59492347.log (2.7 MB) console-2019-11-10-06.09.45-8e0eea5a-8595-445f-a6a5-9af202822f1f.log (1.9 MB) crash_dump-2019-11-10-06.09.45-8e0eea5a-8595-445f-a6a5-9af202822f1f.dmp (518.9 KB) crash_dump-2019-11-11-12.51.43-002cd0d2-86e1-45a5-9f75-9a6d59492347.dmp (542.9 KB)

Locking post, as we’re already discussing this on the Steam discussions. :slight_smile: