Tons of Crashes on Experimental Branch

console-2022-11-28-01.24.16-880641c0-30fb-476d-91db-3b7793ea6d96.log (54.7 KB)

console-2022-11-28-01.12.47-09922a88-ea09-410e-aa4e-a0dd6d6b68f4.log (120.3 KB)

console-2022-11-28-01.07.56-f0437492-70e9-4280-8ae6-bc4dd0971550.log (61.0 KB)

console-2022-11-28-00.34.09-104945d2-6081-48eb-88eb-f02f74bee104.log (241.2 KB)

Thank you for letting us know, we’re on the case.

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If it helps, I unsubscribed from that branch and went back to a normal amount of crashing (maybe once per map or every other map).