Next Total Warhammer 2 DLC will be Clan Skyre

… and some random lizards.


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My boy Tehenhauin’s been liftin and drinking his protein shakes. 8)

But damn this looks awesome, this is really gonna shake these factions up!

Yes I’m looking forward to this one. I’m a little sad that Brettonia is getting the rework instead of da boyz, but they certainly need it.

Here’s to hoping the next Skaven DLC will be Clan Moulder.

  • Throt the Unclean as Legendary Lord. Would start north of Kislev, in Hell Pit, in Mortal Empires.

  • Master Moulders as normal Lords and Packmasters as Heroes that both provide bonuses to monstrous units.

  • Stormfiends (both a version with Warpfire Throwers and a version with Ratling Guns).

  • Giant Rats/Wolf Rats, akin to the Dire Wolves of the Vampire Counts.

  • Brood Horrors? Perhaps.

  • Some kind of new campaign mechanic that allows you to Bio-Engineer your units to give them specific bonuses.

I wonder how they’ll tackle Clan Eshin, if CA ever gets around to it.


Seems you haven’t heard the word of our lord and saviour, Sotek.

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