A Skaven DLC Proposal

I recently came back to V2 on the PC after playing it for so long on the PS4, but having to go through the entire game again to relevel all my characters was a pain and I would interrupt the grind with Total War: Warhammer 2. But between that and as a Skaven player on tabletop, I was thinking a lot about other clans besides our precious Clan Fester. I have a copy of Uniforms and Heraldry of the Skaven, and going through the pages made me realize there are a lot of other cool and unexplored clans of Skaven that could use the same attention Fat Shark gave to Fester.

Though one thing I realized is that a lot of these clans would require gameplay changes or a lot of new assets to make, and that seems like way too much to ask for. So by focusing on retexturing and reusing assets already created, I feel there is a variety of clans that Fat Shark could look into creating DLC for. Below is my proposition for one of the more exotic looking clans, Clan Gnaw.

I would love to see everyone else’s thought on this. I’ve paid money for cosmetics for my heroes, I’d do the same for my enemies too.

The problem is that the enemies must always be clearly recognizable… having more skins per type could make it less intuitive

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There used to be a few more enemy variation [model wise] but it took a lot of place for practically nothing so they reduced it to make the game smaller/Stabler

It’s not very good. More stability - yes, very cool. But I didn’t care too much about my hard drive space. All the same, it is much more important to see the beauty.

In general, it would be good to improve the skaven models in the game. For the most part, these are 2015 models.

Yeah, the Skaven should get updates models, the Skaven slaves loof more like mole rats than anything

If they still do FLC/DLC Deals like the Chaos Waste I could see them doing one where it bring a new “sub”-group of enemy

Influence of the Thirteen

Moulder: “Grinderfist Rat Ogre” slower than the Stormfiend and the Rat Ogre but capable of inflicting Stagger around it’s impact point

Skryre: “Warpgrinder” Like a Flamerat, but it create a Stagger AoE

Skryre: “Doomrocketeer” Launch periodically an un precise rocket

Eshin: “Eshin Triad” A special “patrol” that take the place of a Special, composed of 3 Eshin Spear wielding Skavens, try to single out a Hero and can dodge/defend

Pestilen: “Censer Bearer” An Upgraded monk that can cause more stagger and throw back the Hero

Beast of the Pack

Skaven: “Broodrat” Slow tanky quadruped rat that can also be a Mount for a rat lord

Skaven: “Rat Spawn” (Basically a Chaos Spawn but from Skaven"

Beastmen: “Beastspawn” (Basically a Chaos Spawn but from Beastmen)

Chaos/Norsca: “Yetee” Smaller than a Bile Troll but faster

Path of the Warlord

Introduce a new type of enemy: Warlord
Warlord act as the middle point btw a Monster and a Lord, as in they appear randomly but they aren’t monstrous unit and look closer to a Lord

Skaven: Warlock Engineer, Eshin Assassin/Duelist, Pestilen Priest

Beastmen: Bray-Shaman (May be used for a special instead) and Wargor

Norsca: Forsaken/Warrior of Nurgle…

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