We need some news about this game, cristhmas is gone


Give it a little time, winter vacation finished recently and Aqshy said we should get a community update post sometime this week. Usually its on a Wednesday so thats what I would expect, but not guaranteed.

Hé sais this week the earliest tho… it means it can be next week or even the week after (doubt)


I’m being optimistic to be sure, but I want to believe we’ll be getting some this week.

disposable accounts ? because ? how do you say such a thing? it’s ridiculous, maybe it makes you happy to say some nonsense well I’m happy for you


Same, if it come later so be it, but still I’d like to know soon

Probably due to Op being a brand new account

Maybe he is… DISPOSAL UNIT :rofl:

hahhaa Good answer Buddy
This Forum is full of Dumpsters. No Construcitve thoughts, no Good Arguments, cant read Topics and posts. Forget what they woret 1 second ago and twisting what other poeple wrote even if you ahve it black on white, lol
Only pissing on People, Insulting when they have no Arguments and or Brains!
in V2 Forum i saw that twice in all the Years, Here in DT FOrum every Day, cause all the Trash Gamers are here now… V2 was such a nice Community since i started playing that game and be on the Forum, and now its mostly Trash!


Ever thought thats maybe because Fatshark is scammy and the people are frustrated?


Then think again.

Lol exactly!

Ever thought that its ridicoulous nonetheless, and that other People did them no harm and were expressing themselves. Even being on the same side. But some peopz cant read and understand and so impulsive that they attack others that are on their side?! Obvioulsy not, or you wouldnt have wrote what you did…
It shows Maturity on another level.
Maybe “you” should think before you Post.
Being pissed is no Reason at all. Grow up, comments like this is exactly what i mean.
Just spamming stuff, writing “Stuff” without Hands or Feets, just to write “something”. Better dont
Again its called being Mature.
Their pissed, so am i, so am others, you Guys are not the only one or are you?!
But some can still talk like Adults unlike others ^^

Is it the first time in your life you didnt get what you wanted? Really now! hahha it seems so
Yes please stop “thinking” i can see the smoke from here already and we dont want any Firefighters coming in. Its a waste of Money!

nobody wants to to read when they are angry

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Indeed, but shitting over others is okay on this Forum?!
Theyre angry and that permits to writing shite and random trash?! I wonder what Moderators are for. But i guess FS is a bit afraid. Look what happend… Oh boy…
Sad Story

i hope that the devs are made to feel uncomfortable/disappointed by how their game is being received. it’s an accurate reflection of the quality of work they chose to release before leaving for a month. if you make crap and you’re going to have to smell it.


I didn’t want to be argumentative, it was just a request because I’m very passionate about the game and I find it a lot of fun and I’d just like to see it grow, like in the early days when there was constant news.