New Patch Release Date

I heard yesterday that it was supposed to be released today @ 5PM UTC. Apparently a mod said it in a forum. I can’t find a release date anywhere and it certainly doesn’t seem to be out yet - any ideas what the actual date is?

Not sure if they ever said the patch release date

I’ve been looking at the forums quite a bit lately, and I’ve not seen any release dates confirmed. Considering the feedback of the current beta patch I would be very surprised if it’s released this week. I suspect FS want to do some additional finetuning before pushing it live.

im hoping they get it out asap , for one the game on live is just so bad its not worth playing when the beta server shows you how its meant to be. it might be unpopular. although im not sure about that forums hardly give a balanced view of opinion and complainers tend to be loudest. myself i love the fixed mechanics.
and really until we get the mechanics working there can’t be any work on balancing and that needs to get underway


Nice! Havent played the beta patch myself, just been looking at the critique people have, be it good or bad. So far I think it will be to my personal liking.
With that said, to my personal liking or not (yours too for that matter), it is important FS feel they put something live they are happy with, and preferrably the community as well. This means they will have to take all views of what will make this game good, look to their own design ideas, and steer the game where they think is best. This is why I think it will take some time yet, they are monitoring the feedback and want this patch to hit some “sweetspot” or something.

is there an estimate?

They were talking about pushing it out before easter because the state of the game was that bad, suddenly they don’t care anymore?

Oh, they care! I think in this case though, they made a bad decision to release all changes and fixes in one patch.
Like fixing the talents for example. They should be addressed in a single “fix patch”, rather than included in the 1.0.5 patch, as the purpose of that patch mainly is the balancing of the general gameplay experience, as in trying to shift the meta (somewhat) from ranged to melee.
These things are different issues to me, and should also be separate concerns. So, my suspicion is that due to the size of the patch they can’t just release it. They need to monitor the general response of the update and see if it is in lign with what they had in mind :slight_smile:

You can tell they care about this game. The small things really show that. However the game got rolled out too early probably due to publisher pressure as is often the case.

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