NEW MAP IDEA - "The Rat Train"

Here is my idea.

Deep under Karak Okrim lies a secret, lost to the sands of time. These cunning Dawi built a large tunnel through the earth, and constructed a massive train to haul ore to Umgi cities to sell.

Olesya has grave news, the Raki have discovered the station while plundering the ruins, and their most devious minds have rigged it into a warpstone bomb delivery system. The train will ram into the underground station in Reikland and cause earthquakes to crumble the glorious cities of Sigmar.

Level Design:

Begin at the mouth of Karak Okrim, hidden in the Northern Grey Mountains just south of Reikland. This Karak was once a dawi engineering dwarfhold. The hearty dawi machines, without materials still pantomime building grudgethrowers and other machines of war.

2 ideas

  • The players must navigate through the vermin AND dodge massive dwarven machines that kill vermin and man alike
  • The players must move along the massive assembly line, which is not working because the forge is not lit, and the metal is no longer spilling into the siege weapon castforms below. Lighting the forge will draw attention, but the siege weapon can then be escorted to a wall that blocks the player’s path

The players arrive at the station where the train is just about to leave the station. Once the players get on, the train begins to build speed.

Possible twists - Perhaps there are one or two ways to fire on something outside the train to divert the train to Brettonia or Sylvania

The players traverse the train to the Engine and successfully stop it, but can choose to traverse the outside or inside of the train, to their own peril (outside avoids some ratling spawns, but is more dangerous to traverse.

New Boss - Sizzurp, Ratling Engineer: The intelligence that a ratling accumulates eventually erodes to insanity over time. The ratling manning the locomotive is a sinister blend of both. Fights similarly to skirrik with his dual blades, but has a few stormvermin, they look a little more mechanical, and he can repair them after they have been defeated, if he is not interrupted.

This is like a rough idea, but I think something like it would be really neato. Thanks for reading.

Also, my wishlist would be

  • Kruber Fists Weapon
  • Vampire Counts
  • Beastmen
  • Corrupted Wood Elves
  • Orcs

Rats on a Train…featuring Samuel L Jackson.


I’m very hyped for ANY new maps they add, and I have many more ideas for Warhammer themed maps, I’ll post more later!

Maybe you could use actual lore next time, because dwarven trains dont exist in the official canon.

Well I mean it’s not inconceivable though, isn’t It? Don’t the dawi trade? In Total War they had helicopters…

Its not about being inconceivable, but about the official lore. The technology in warhammer is not really that far developed, only the dwarfs have quite the knowledge about steam engines. Thats why the empire only has a steamtank, which was a present from the dwarfs. There is some fanmade content about early dwarven steam trains, but thats about it.

They could still make a dwarf ironclad map. You’d have to enter a dwarven harbor and activate the ironclad to cross a wide river, and northmen would attempt to board it from their boats.

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Theppekausen is right. Need to follow the lore for it to be possible. Otherwise liking the idea on fighting on a train. I just want more maps where the heroes are loosing

I’m wondering what the difference between a steamboat and a steam train are in terms of engineering.

But yeah, you’re right I looked and there is no reference to dawi trains. Sad :frowning:

If there are no trains in warhammer what pulls this???

I like the thought of fighting on a train but lore, a boat would be equally cool though, a huge ship.

There was a mission, fighting on a boat in V1…awesome map ;D

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