Map ideas

So I’m still having loads of fun in the game but obviously some new maps would be fantastic and give some new energy.

I got thinking on what would be some nice map ideas.

Catachan jungle facility - make your way through a secret xeno testing facility that has lost comms. Investigate and Retrieve/destroy all the data before it falls into enemy hands.

Retrieve a lost artifact/relic from a battlefield graveyard. Could be any planet. Remains of a huge battle littered with destroyed tanks, mechs, felled titans etc.

Ship weapon - board an infested ship/hulk and fight your way to the control room where you have to set coordinates for a collision course with an enemy ship or planet/base then get out before it hits.

What ideas would you guys love to play as a map? :smiling_face:


I recently found a post on the subreddit for Darktide that theorises about a new mission taking place on Atrox, which is Atoma’s largest moon.

I’d personally prefer for the game to remain in the Moebian Domain, but I that doesn’t mean that I’d rule out the potential of a MOEBIAN Jungle Facility! :blush:

I’d personally prefer to see what’s happened to the other Hive City on Atoma but maybe you’ll see some kind of “Dead City-esque” destruction there! Although if we do stick with the “battlefield graveyard” idea, we could end up seeing some Loyalist remnants of the Moebian 6th or something and I’d dig that.

I actually really love this idea. In response we could also get another mission where we have to help defend the Mourningstar against a Moebian boarding party.


Fighting heretics on a battefield graveyard full of ruins, destroyed tanks, corpses, smoke and flames could be awesome ! Really like this idea ! And it could fit on Atoma, somewhere around Tertium !
It could be a rescue mission where we have to localise guardsmen survivors, fight our way to join them and the final could be a “defend extraction site” objectif !


All good points and yes defending the morning star would also be an awesome idea!

RE the battlefield - I had something less ‘city’ in mind to break it up from the current maps but as long as some of the fighting takes place passing over or through a downed titan then I’m happy!

We could finally see SM and terminators in the game… But they’d all be dead, strewn across the battlefield :joy:

Another idea is having to shut down some sort of warp gate, or prevent one from opening.

I’m going to say it here and probably make a 2nd post elsewhere… I want a ship to ship breaching mission.

I want our rejects to spear through the side of some other ship’s hull and come out guns a blazing.

Make it an assassination mission for some high up jerk. I want some ship board combat baby!


I’d love to see some Navis Traitoris enemies with it too :wink:


Ohhhh how cool would it be to have to reclaim a Leman Russ manufacturing plant! Complete with smelters etc! That would be pretty epic.

Or A dreadnought manufacturing plant.

Or A titan manufacturing plant.

Or all of the above lol

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That’s what Metalfab is though.

As for the other manufacturing plants I don’t think they’d make much sense. Titans are made on FW only


I’d love some greenery or some wintery maps. Something to rival the prettiness of VT2’s outdoor maps.

Also, whatever map they end up making, make it a Repair or Investigation mission please!
(this has been brought to you by the “almost complete penances but doesn’t want to grind 100+ Power Matrices and Hab Dreykos pls and thank you” gang)


Aye, a Sector that is a Chem Fab, with a giant Jungle/Forest inside a Greenhouse, with some smaller parts being chem stills and other such things.

As for a snow map, the only 2 way I could see it happen would be in a high altitude desolated Sector where it became frozen over, or a Sector that produce the coolant, and lack of maintenance has frozen part of the area

Otherwise, I would love to see:

  • Witherland: Ancient withered forest, with sludge swamps and pontoons
  • Trench field: A fortified sector used to train the Moebian regiments and the PDF, 1 side being taken over by the enemy, with trench going from 1 side to the other with fortresses dotting the lines.
  • Canyon: Deep natural Canyon with ancient ruins
  • Tancred Bastion: Returning to the Prison barge

As for the second Hive I think it will be used for the Chaos Waste mode


Unfortunately the chances of either of those seems slim, since Tertium is entirely an inhospitable desert planet. Maybe if there was a mission in the upper hive in a Noble’s greenhouse we could get plants, but as far as snow it would have to be off planet which I find unlikely.


I mean, surely any narrative can be spun for a new map?

“your team has been selected for a special ‘away’ mission to wherever. It’s strictly covert so we couldn’t send the guard, and you lot are as expendable as you are reliable” etc etc.

Dunno, but I’d love to play on a war torn tropical coastline or snowy tundra too.

Maybe some sort of warp disturbance could cause a freak snow or electrical storm in the desert. I’m not versed well enough with the lore to know if that can be cannon or not but throwing ideas out there.

Still would need to explain how the Scab and Dreg are also there

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What type of environment is Atrox btw?

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We haven’t been told yet. We didn’t even know the name of the Atoman moons yet.


Oh so a clean slate!

Come on jungle moon with polar caps :joy: :crossed_fingers:

Throw some volcanic mountains in for good measure.


I think part of the problem is that the mission hub or wherever is just the city of Tertium. They would have to change the little graphic for it or something so they kind of painted themselves into a corner as far as that goes.

As for warp phenomena it could theoretically happen? Would be a bit of a stretch but that’s not the only stretch they’ve made.

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Warp phenomena could in theory do anything they’d want, even push people to other reality, times and other things. I think we’ll see it used in the same way as the Chaos Waste do though

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at this point i’d even be content with a path randomizer of sorts.

much like bosses break walls, so there are unseen parts already (albeit tiny), a known map could preload with a new subset of pathways like collapsing floors or heavy explosions breaking of parts, making others accessible in the process.

the environment itself is good, really dig the atmosphere and detail, but once you got used to it you realize how small they’d be if it wasnt for enemies to slow you down.

sometimes when bored yet unable to play i go through the layouts in my mind.
having an imaginary free cam and knowing the maps by heart by now, the main route is pretty cut and dry and would benefit from some alternatives no doubt.

this could be a less work intensive first step instead of completely new art styles, which of course would be the ultimate best solution content wise.

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hell yeah! perfect breaching mission O_O