New items in pay shop and no progress in RNG shop

How about Fatshark start a priority list of things to add to the game based on what people are asking for. Now with re-bless etc not being in game and real money shop being updated regularly it seems greedy.
HOW can we not re-roll blessings etc and still be forced to look at that RNG shop for a half decent weapon every hour? Paid cosmetics should be the least pressing matter you guys have to work on right now.
Add more plasteel as well because now with the RNG shop all we do is buy semi-decent rolls and consecrate weapons over and over again hoping that we get decent blessings on gear. Not the progression we players we’re hoping for after hitting max level.
I promise you that if you make the game more enjoyable and rewarding to play you guys will get your money.

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True story, source: trust me:

Hello my name is Frederic

I work as designer for skins at the Fatshark company. Since 4 years I design alot of models, skins and everything I found anywhere inside the 40k universe.
All day long I tried to design cool stuff to make people happy and generate eranings for the company that is supposed to pay me and my mates.
But my job has a big downside. Every one hates me since I was born.
In the age of 6 my dad cried at me bvecause I could not fix the code of his software. I painted a picture for him, to tell him that I am sorry - did not work.

Now in the year 2022 its the same…


Stop comparing 2 different jobs.


what you did was taking one small part of my criticism and saying that all I did was comparing 2 different jobs. (which I agree I did in a way) you missed the point I was making about what should be a priority. Progression shouldn’t be looking at RNG shop once every hour. And when the real money shop is being updated but key elements that should’ve been in-game at launch isn’t, then that’s the problem many are having.

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And its exactly what I mentioned.

The guy, running the cashshop does his work and get his work finished, so he/she promotes it.
The cashshop has nothing to do with the bugs/balances/crashes/improvements.

what they can do: firing the cash shop designer and hire another programmer.

Why should work, that has been finished not be promoted?
The money they earn this way will pay the programmers about months to fix and improve gameplay.

so again: that is no question about priority, one team finished the work, the other team still works on stuff. No priority, just logical stuff.

They shouldn’t have implemented the cash shop at all.

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Indeed the shop is really not it right now, priorities seem to be towards the cash shop regardless of what Thaurus says. Why not dedicate more to actual game improving content and than implement the monetization? I love the game, will play it for at least a few years to see it reach its potential but until than I feel entitled to some constructive criticism. I do not think OP was bashing the cosmetics designers as much as pointing out how backwards it seems to have a fully functioning cosmetic shop that has not had any issues at all while things like crafting are half baked


Hello My name is Frederic and for the past four years I should have been busy making graphics for the game, but apparently I was busy making outfits. Heck I didn’t even bother making any decent free outfits, I just slid a hue range - much effort.

Peter, the guy that made the cash shop was far more interested in squeezing whales than implementing a good item progression system, good crafting and similar systems which are vital to the health of the game - because he thought the more predatory the cash shop the better.

Yeah. Sorry. No.


Hello Frederic.

You can design new maps, new free skins, EVEN a f*ucking better interface, but you are still making cash skins.

Stop defending bullsh*t.

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Hello Frederic,
while you are at it, could you please persuade sales to trash the 43% cost increase for individual skins in a bundle and make it like you guys/gals did it in Vermintide 2, where a skin is the sum of its parts?