New hero suggestion (hear me out) skaven traitor

As we all know skaven are traitorous in nature and will Strive for the best possible outcome for themselves and a skaven might know things other races don’t and many of the clans do not agree with the skittergate plan even those in clan fester disagree but follow and our hero’s very much need help so a skaven prisoner who “swears to fight-kill for you-you” might come in handy (until he betrays you) while our heros are unsure of this alliance their have been worse deals to be made (careers suggestions) warlock- can use lighting staffspears for ranged and has overcharge (overheat but green) and special is a doomrocket … Stormvermin- has a banner to distinguish him from the other ones and uses multitude of skaven machines for ranged and passive- strength in numbers he gains buffs while no is knocked down special- one with the pack temporarily blend into the enemy ranks becoming undetectable until attacking (like ranger but can’t attack) … Assassin- uses shurikens for ranged and has passive get a auto melee crit every ten seconds or after a ranged kill (opposite of bounty hunter) and maybe packmaster/hookrat not too sure what he could do maybe have special spawn skaven slaves (painted blue to distinguish) to fight with you temporarily. In addition have a set of missions come with him that are only available now that he has given Intel such as where broodmothers are kept or weapons caches/warpstone depots and other religious artifacts like screaming bells

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really cool idea i would like to see this class come to life sounds like workable class would be fun to play i hope fatshark see this.

None of the current heroes would work with a skaven, the WH fantasy setting is a pretty xenophobic place.


That may be true but they do need the extra hand and he is technically a prisoner plus could burn him as an example once this is all over so long as he is using plague magic or rituals I think the witchunter will be upset but allow it if it means he can burn him later

You sound like a heretic m8


We should get a skaven campaign in vermintide 3. There aren’t many class possibilities or powerups left for our current heroes so they might as well try something else.

-Stormvermin melee tank character
-Plague priest melee berserker character
-Death runner melee stealth character

-Warlock engineer mage character
-Skryre mechanical character with ratling gun/flamethrower etc

Our current heroes are skrubs

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Empires made worse deals

Im still waiting for a male High Elf with White lion/swordmaster(phoenix guard would need too much voiceacting :stuck_out_tongue:), High mage/ shadow warrior paths(or the dark elf equivalent of these paths, alternatively that could be another future character)
Also i think a skaven hero, while its a good and interesting idea, it would be too much heresy.

Heresy it may be but necessary lol


Do you have that pictured saved for stuff like thi s lol and yes it is


My meme folder is as large and vast as the plains of Africa.

I honestly liked the idea of Genevieve Dieudonné joining the group. I believe that’s the one the guy in the keep talks about,

She would be a great addition to the team, and it would be interesting to hear the voice lines of Salty boy and this vampire. If I remember correctly, she’s the only vampire that’s accepted in the Empire. She actually saved the life of the Emperor and was called the Heroine of the Empire. During the end times, the last voice line they think she said was, “My time in this world is coming to an end, just as yours is, and I think I would rather meet in my homeland.”. So I’m guessing we can assume she’s heading back towards Bretonnia? Which would put the Reikland between her and her home as she was in Sylvania if I remember correctly.

Her only powers that I can find listed is that she is fast and stronger than normal humans. So she wouldn’t be overpowered either considering our current heros. And she’s extremely weak to fire, took her 10 years to grow her skin back after being burned.

Also, she’s pretty hot.


She’s described as a blonde, but the only pics I can find she has black hair?


Now this sounds very reasonable.