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So to start I was a massive fan of Vermintide 1 and super hyped for number 2. Definitely not disappointed, is a bunch of awesome additions and general changes that are positive improvements from the previous game. It kind of feels like the same game as an expansion or just a new act as opposed to it’s own standalone game, gives me a very l4d/l4d2 feel but still love it for what it is… To the point however, it’d be nice to see a new face as far as the character list is concerned. I love the existing heroes and their witty banter that they constantly share. The new classes and talent system are also really sweet additions opening for whole new ways to play each character. A thought had come to mind having viewed the Skitter-gate exploding in the intro. An idea for a saboteur/technician style character.

Playing with the idea further I came to an idea of having a skaven gone rouge hero.
Considering the skaven have a pretty brutal hierarchy of authority and can be more than cruel to their own kin. I came up with the idea of having skaven warpstone technician or something rather who was forced to help build the gate and then sabotaged their own work and either ended up in a cage escaping with the others because one of the group showed some form of sympathy for undetermined raisins. Or tracked down the heroes and joined up for revenge after their abuse at the hands of their own.

As for skills and weapons and things I haven’t really got a complete idea, it’s just a concept I’d like to put out there rather than keeping to myself.

I played with the idea of the three classes being. Saboteur, Technician, Master Gunner
Passive: I dunno something explodey?
Skill: Activate some warpstone device that provides a random buff to allies (Because dodgy stolen tech)
Passive: Scavenging skill that gives a low chance for a random item to drop on special kills (Three talents associated could correspond to increasing the drop rate of potions, medicals, or explosives/ammo)
Skill: Throw a globe that stuns a wide area, staggering the big boys. Moderate cooldown with little to no damage (talents could add some kind of damaging effect but I feel it’d be too much like having a free bomb as a skill, granted that kind of already exists in a few other characters kits.)
Master Gunner
Skill: set up a Ratling gun style weapons massively slowing move speed or halting movement altogether and giving the ability to fire for a couple seconds, staggering man sized enemies. Long cooldown, useful for damaging bosses if you can position correctly
Passive: Ranged weapons have a chance to pierce their target/pierce on crit. (Maybe have a talent that extends this to allies too)

As for weapons there’d be the basics, swords daggers maybe a crossbow etc.
There’s also the classic skaven weapons like weeping blades (basically just poison daggers), halberds, warp infused guns (Maybe using an overheat or jam mechanic instead of ammo?)

Given the personality of the characters I feel that you could easily blend a skaven rebel into the already odd bunch, would also give some quality comedy between bardin and the rat arguing about who’s the shortest in the group. Had an idea to bring the Grey Wizard (Probably more viable considering he already exists as a character.) into the mix too as a more utility oriented spellcaster with protection wards and whatnot.

Of course this is just an idea I had and felt I might share, I still love the game with or without some new faces to add to the lineup.
Better to say something and regret it than to regret having said nothing at all. At least… in my case anyway. Don’t quote me on that one.

Maybe a Saurus or something Bretonnian, maybe even halfling or if you really want to stretch it ogre, but skaven really does not fit the party because no other hero would, in any situation, quest with a spawn of the horned rat, no matter how good it is :(.

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