Idea for more stuff to the game - very long post

I love Vermintide 2 and really, really, would love to see some more stuff to the game in terms of, well, almost everything. But rather than just saying “I want more!” I decided to write up some examples of what kind of stuff I would like to see.

This is as both a suggestion to the developers, and for the entertainment of the fans, I wrote up some new ideas in terms of new characters to play, new missions expansions (love the ones for Vermintide 1, and 2) as well as two new enemy factions for our brave heroes to stop.

At the start I had intended to make everything very detailed, but decided against it because it would be to long and so no one would actually read it. Hence this is the final result.


The five characters in Vermintide are great but after many, many hours you start to recall hearing them make the same banter earlier, and sometimes you’d like to try out some new tactics or see a new face in the party. Thus I offer some six ideas for characters drawn from the Warhammer lore and who might reasonably be found in the Reikland and at the same time, hopefully, not bled into the concepts of the established characters.

Suggested characters

Beorhelm – Beast mage

Roland de Auria – Bretonnian knight

Elsa Grau – Death wizard

Haugh Wesser – Pit fighter

Erich Stromstein – Ulrican warrior

Greta Gügner – Warrior Priestess of Myrmidia


Beorhelm the Beast Mage

A rugged, passionate and instinctual person, Beorhelm wears his heart on his sleeves and speaks his mind regardless of what others may think of it. Quick to both anger and mirth, Beorhelm finds the niceties of civilization to be confusing and the social etiquette of emotional restrain a prison.

At Übersreik Beorhelm saw what horrors the Skaven would unleashed upon the surface. As one man he did what he could, but it was not enough and this feeling of not being or doing enough is something that he carries with him, as is a sense of failure for what terrors visited upon the people living in the forests around Übersreik. He has now sought contact with the heroes of Übersreik to help foil the Skaven and their Norscan allies as they have appeared for a greater design of devastation upon the Empire.

Based on what careers that Beorhelm picks he can either seek peace with himself as an Amber Mage, embrace the animalistic rage of and fury that is in him and become the Beastblood to destroy evil or strive even harder as a Forestrunner to never be absent from where he can protect those threatened by evil forces.

Roland de Auria the Knight of Bretonnia

PS: I am thinking a little about “Duncan the Tall” over this character.

Courteous and honourable in his dealings Roland tend to speak with restrain and manners to all he can, even if he is somewhat dismissive of any advice from his “lesser” among the commoners and is at times, to put i bluntly, rather stupid and many insults from more clever heroes simply flies over his head. But unlike many, or perhaps most, of the knights of Bretonnia Roland takes his oaths of knighthood very seriously which has made it impossible for him to remain in the land of chivalry after an incident with more powerful nobles in the name of chivalry and memory of the oaths he has sworn.

Roland was travelling through Helmgart when the Skaven struck and would surely have died there had it not been for the intervention of Olesya when the Skaven cornered him. She brought him with to Taal’s Horn Keep where he immediately joined his sword to the cause against the Skaven and the Rotbloods in the name of his oaths to protect the innocent and fight evil.

The three careers that Roland can take show how he will handle his many oaths. As an Errant Knight Roland strives in his own way to do the good thing regardless if he has support or not. The Knight of the Realm instead seeks to find a way to become a member of the order of chivalry, accept the world for what it is without giving up all his high ideals of chivalry. Finally the Questioning Knight seeks to become a Grail Knight and in so doing get the final verification from the Lady that his ideals, held above practicality and reason, are the true expression of knighthood.

Elsa Grau the Death Wizard

Positive and calm, Elsa seldom loses her cool or shows much emotion and never fear or despair. She knows what end must come to all things that live and while she is in no hurry to it, neither is she desperate to avoid it either. It simply and end that must come, and there is nothing less or more to it than that. But at the same time her terrible nightmares of a world without natural life haunts her and she knows not if this is a portent or a warning, but she is determined to find out. Her gallow’s humour has quickly made itself famous among her new allies.

Elsa is actually less concerned with Helmgart than most others of the heroes but in the long run she sees that if the Skaven and their Chaos allies rampages across the Empire, then cracks will open for other evils to slip in and she fears that the madness and foolishness of the pact-sworn will pave the way for the Von Carsteins to once more put forward their claim to the Empire. And so she fights to stop the enemies of the Empire in their tracks.

The Death Mage Elsa is concerned with her duties and the will of Morr and with hope that the tide can be turned and that brave men and women can still make a difference. As Mourner, Elsa accepts that all is ultimately lost, that her dream will come true and that almost nothing can be done to save the world of life, but fight and fight for every day of life there is and to get another day of the short bright spasm that is called life, before the eternity of death descends. And with the Reaper, Elsa embrace her connection to death in order to spread it and share her nightmares of a world where nothing lives a natural life with all and where she will stand proud to deliver the wicked into oblivion, and then she expects there will be nothing more.

Haugh Wesser the Pit Fighter

Haugh does not hail from the Reikland but from distant Sylvania from where he fled the rule of the Aristocracy of the Night and made his way as a pit fighter, shedding blood for the crowd and making his living from the slaying of men to applause. Haugh is boaster always ready to help a friend in need and that’s the reason why he joined the fight against the Skaven. But as he fights he wonders about what life is. Is there a greater purpose than the moment of adulation heaped upon a winner and the spending of coin on immediate satisfaction? Somewhere out there Haugh hopes that maybe he can find out if there is a greater purpose for him in the world. For while he has fled Sylvania, the shadow of that dreaded land still hangs over him.

When the Skaven and Rotbloods stormed into the underground establishment to kill his friends and butcher his fans in Helmgart, Haugh did not take it lying down. He fought himself free to the streets where he was soon helped to the Taal’s Horn Keep and pledged to join in exchange for having his name known across the Reikland for his part in the adventures.

As a Pit Fighter Haugh fights for no greater cause that his own fame and brand to be known and living every day as if it was the last. As the Duellist he still fights for money and renown but is now more purposeful in that he knows the example he sets as a known figures in the public mind affects many others and so lives and acts not only for himself. Finally as the Judicial Champion Haugh has come to appreciate that there is something larger out there for him to fight for.

Erich Stromstein the Ulrican

Harsh and unforgiving, Erich is not a disciplined soldier but a savage warrior who fights with skill learnt the hard way and in imitation of the wolves of his god, Ulric. Erich tends to be brazen and straight to the point. When sensing doubt or hesitation he strikes, like a wolf, to drive his comrades forward and slay his enemies, with words or steel respectively.

It’s almost like a divine comedy that Erich would stumble upon Victor Saltzpyre when the Witch Hunter was breaking free from the Skaven’s clutches in Helmgart and calling upon Sigmar, Erich couldn’t help himself but jumped into the fray calling upon Ulric to put the Sigmarite in his place by outdoing the Witch Hunter in the fighting the Skaven. This lead to the two men killing a not insubstantial amount of pact-sworn before the Bridge of Shadows and the other heroes help them to get to Taal’s Horn Keep, and Erich simply tagged along and was brought into the band of heroes. Erich’s purpose to fighting the pact-sworn is that they are evil and to show all the Sigmarites that Ulric is the best of them and that his followers can and will outperform the Sigmarites whenever fighting is required or wanted, for that matter, partly for matters of pride and partly to prove to himself that he will not fail his comrades again.

As the Wolf Warrior Erich fights because he must be stronger, fast and deadlier the next time that his friends are threatened by the Northlanders. The Wolf-kin is a man obsessed with vengeance, haunted by the dead who asks him why he couldn’t save them, he fights like mad to bring retribution down on the evil and silence the dead. Knight of the White Wolf is a disciplined Erich, raised up by the tales of his valour in battle, who still seeks the outdo the Sigmarites but at the same time knows them as allies and is not trapped in the past but looking forward into the future with the calm confidence from knowing he did what he could in the past and that he will do what he can in the future.

Greta Gügner the Priestess of Myrmidia

A seasoned traveller from a young age, Greta is cultured, educated and refined with an appreciation for the arts. She has never lacked for money and as such don’t understand the problems facing people who have, but her commitment to protect men and women of every station is not to be mistaken.

Travelling the world with her merchant father from a young age, Greta spent much time with Tileans through which she became a devotee, and later priestess, of Myrmidia. With the enthusiasm of youth and the zeal of the recent convert she is eager to do her goddess’ works and spread the faith into the Empire. While her father’s generous donations eased her climbing up the ranks, she did not lack for will or talent in the pursuit of the priestess title, as well as an introduction to the Skaven during her training. Greta came to Helmgart to support the small Myrmidia cult in the city when the Skaven struck, and she was wisked away from a cornered position, having already driven the pact-sworn off from her temple once. She wasted not part in pledging herself to the band of heroes gathered to fight the pact-sworn who would avenge the city.

As the Priestess, Greta is zealous but committed to the ideals of Myrmidia of tactical war with little tolerance for mindless bloodthirst or blind carnage. The Hierophant represents Greta finding and perfecting the goddess way of intelligent war with tactics and stratagems, she becomes the Hierophant and a master of tactics and arms. The War Maiden finally represents a Greta who has come to not just wage or understand war, but appreciate it and seek battle with evil at every chance for the greater purpose of her goddess.

New enemy factions

Blood Eagles and Ghouls, which will be given some details.

The Blood Eagles

A pact of Khornate Norscans who have made it south to attack the Reikland.

Boss: Korgoreth Skull-Claimer

Monsters: Chaos Ogre, Dragon Ogre

Specials: Skull Hunter (special is that they’ve got a 10% chance to dodge range attacks on them), Flayerkin (can move along walls and roofs and possibly jump as well)

Elites: Khornate Warrior, Axe-bearer,

Infantry: Murder Acolyte, Khorne Marauder, Berserker (Savage)


The personal kingdom of subjects to a Strigoi vampire who promise to lead them to survival, in return for obedience.

Boss: Arusha the Devourer

Monsters: Varghulf, Vargheist

Specials: Meat Master (essentially a bulky cannibal with two big meat cleavers ), Starver Ghoul (frenzied charger who takes damage when not inflicting damage and restores damage when doing damage), Leaper Ghoul (essentially a kind of version of the Gutter Runner)

Elite: Crypt Horror

Infantry: Cannibal, Ghoul, Crypt Ghoul (Savage)

Various ideas for mission DLCs

General new missions DLC ideas

Axebite Pass

About how a courier is sent to get a host of Bretonnian Knights Errant to come over the mountains and help fight the pact-sworn, the heroes are sent in to try and ensure that Lohner’s friends can get the knights over the mountain without hassle. But the heroes are sent to investigate when it seems that the knights have…vanished in the pass.


Axebite Pass - Travel along the pass and find refugee in a tavern in the end, that gets besieged by the pact-sworn when the heroes comes there and find everyone there killed, before escaping and getting to the Bridge of Shadows to get away from the Pact-sworn.

Withered Chivalry – The heroes moves along the pass and finds the Bretonnian camp and the Bretonnian knights, slaughtered by the pact-sworn who are still all over the camp. The heroes makes their way to the pavilion of the duke of Bastonne’s son and there find him, and the Bretonnian leaders, killed while unarmed and evidently surprised. Making the characters naturally understand that they have been betrayed from within at the same time as they were attacked from without.

Flower of Treachery – The characters track down the only important noble who wasn’t slain to get some answers, and finds his castle occupied by the pact-sworn, and finally also finds him as a mutated champion of Nurgle who fights the heroes but is defeated.


Pact-sworn have been found sniffing around Drakenberg and the heroes goes there to see what the pact-sworn are up to. It turns out that the Skaven have found a way into an old dragon lair and are looking for a dragon that’s supposed to still be sleeping within the mountain.

Mountain Climb – Climb up the mountain past a sacked village and fight the pact-sworn at every step as the characters finally finds the pact-sworn tunnel leading into the otherwise sealed dragon lair, where the characters intervenes as the pact-sworn are trying to find a certain magical item of elf origin connected with dragons.

Bring the Mountain Down – The pact-sworn haven’t given up and are tunnelling from a new direction to reach something within the mountain. The heroes go there to undermine the tunnels and bring everything crashing down, thus hopefully finish the any chance for pact-sworn reinforcements to make it into the mountain to reinforce the small army already there.

Dream of Decay – It seems that a coven of Chaos Sorcerers have started a ritual to corrupt the dragon to Nurgle. The heroes must go in and fight their way to, and destroy, the sorcerer coven which is holding the ritual by means of assassinating seven sorcerers position in a pattern around the chamber with the sleeping dragon. Of course as the sorcerers starts to fall, the alarm is sounded the enemy gets progressively more ready for the heroes.

Set of story mission DLCs for the two new factions

Blood Eagles

Red River - Essentially a couple of missions where the characters fight the Blood Eagles on the rivers of Reikland and by attacking bases for their longships along the banks and fight the longships on the waters of these rivers, as the Blood Eagles are reaving to their hearts’ delight with little able to stop them, save our brave heroes.

Pile of Skulls - The Blood Eagles are gathering skulls and prisoners to create a mountain of skulls surrounded by a lake of blood which may or may not have a greater purpose, but needs to be stopped for obvious reasons.

A Bridge No More - The city of Wheburg is under siege by the Blood Eagles and to help the siege, the heroes sets out to destroy the bridges over a river in order to prevent further reinforcements to coming to the besieging army.

Wheburg Siege - Naturally our heroes won’t late some homicidal maniacs sack the city of Wheburg and so goes into break the siege by destroying key parts of the siege line, such as wrecking a hellcannon, destroying a tunnel to undermine the walls and so on. Will essentially be fighting a trench network with a clear Great War inspiration and some tricky situations to get past.

Temple of the Blood God - Finally the Imperial Army is showing up to lend their hand to the fight! But it turns out that this army got horrible surprised and butchered by the Blood Eagles in the Reikwald and so won’t be lending any aid. But as the Blood Eagles have spread out to hunt the survivors in the woods, this leaves their champion, Korgoreth, vulnerable to attack and so the heroes fights their way to the centre of the carnage where they fight Korgoreth before making their escape buy the Bridge of Shadows.


Man-harvest - The Ghouls have invaded a town and are simply eating the people there. The heroes goes in while the ghouls are distracted to try and kill a whole bloody bunch of them.

Larder-Raid - Turns out there are still people left in the town, so the heroes arranges to become a diversion while these people flee, the ghouls goes after the heroes.

Their Daily Meat -The last town was betrayed to the Ghouls by a degenerate cannibal noble who have lent his castle to the use of the Ghouls, much to the death of his tenants. The heroes fights their way into the castle and there find both plenty of enemies, but also that the noble in question have already been mostly devoured by his “guests”.

The King in the Night - The Strigoi vampire who leads the “Ghouls” faction have come out of hiding and with the loss of so much food, many of his subjects have fallen to eat each other. The heroes sets out to what they think is another mission, but is in truth a trap laid for them by the Strigoi, who ambush the heroes as they make their way towards the Bridge of Shadows after having accomplished a mission to destroy a bait set forth by the Strigoi.

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