New forum section

Maybe it’s time for a new forum section. I think @Harridas has become too large for this forum and needs his own bug report section.


A plus would be if the section has it’s own theme music playing in the background. Preferably something cool with a suitable message, like Backstreet Boys - Larger Than Life (Official Music Video) - YouTube


I cocnur with the complement, but what’s the use? Not like those bugs would get a different treatment.


Hahaha, it’s just that I collect most of the bugs that I encounter during regular gameplay and then post all of it simultaneously every week or two.


You need to listen to more click the link and get in the mood before replying Orson. I don’t think you grasp the seriousness of this thread yet(!). #moreshitposttinginlongue2021

@Harridas Save some energy for the CW release. You’re gonna be busy as ever :wink:


Harridas is breaking records with something like 17 new reports by the time we’d logged on this morning. :smiley: We really do appreciate it though.

I laughed but then I cried


Not necessary. @Harridas is doing Sigmar’s work by reporting the bugs he encounters in the appropriate bug section.

Fatshark gets notifications for every post so don’t feel like your bug reports are being ignored just because they are not at the top.

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Yeah we feel that because those bugs don’t get fixed for 2+ years, but thanks for you bedside manners :rofl:


I can’t see a single one of my bug reports even close to the first page. He must be up to something. But still, I hope he gets his own forum for bug reporting. I really do. Really really do.


Why would anybody mock someone for doing something right?

I think you’re misinterpreting this thread, freqlectic’s complimenting and joking at the same time here.
All is well.


Because its a very normal type of English humor where you phrase a compliment like a complaint or even an insult delivered with a silly choice of words. Especially with something like OP´s final words at the end to solidify the joking tone.

It occurs pretty frequently in other languages as well x)

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