Can we get a separate forums for Vermintide 2?

This one is getting messy, really with all those new tabs and subtreds. Or is it more preferable when you keep whole community in one place?

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Sorry, I’m not sure I understand?

I think i just used to old design without V1 and that new game. I could’ve just click “website” button in game launcher and nothing else. Announsements was only for V2 and so on… Don’t mind me

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I suppose we could link directly to the Vermintide 2 overview from the launcher. We’ll speak to somebody about it. :slight_smile:

Same, Its possible to make it without that much of subfoldering?

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Thank you.

If this is in regards to the layout change today, I agree- I feel like I’m missing things I would have seen normally with the other layout


I think the same, the layout it’s somewhat annoying

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Wait, what changed? I set the forums to always show latest posted in forums. So I never really look at the sub forums.

EDIT: ah, they added a new forum?

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