New Career Suggestions: Sienna & Saltzpyre

I’d love to see a Tome with appropriate miracles taking the career skill slot for Warrior Priest Saltzpyre.

One thing that gives hope for a heavily reworked 4th career for Sienna is that it’s likely to be the last one Fatshark adds, if they continue to go down the Hero selection screen in order. That could possibly give Sienna’s 4th career a longer development cycle than the other careers.


I could see it if they plan to put more than 1 DLC career for each Character
If Duckface is right and Sienna is the last to get hers, they wouldn’t need the new framework as it would be the last career

Maybe a longer development cycle = something outlandish, unique, and beautiful is in store for Sienna.

There is 5-6 month between each career DLC

Kerrilian April Mai 2021
Saltzpyre Septembre November 2021
Sienna April Mai 2022

At that moment Darktide would have been released (Hopefully) and Sienna’s career could be similar to a career for the Psyker
As one career could have his ability akin to OE, a special weapon (Gattling->Melta/Plasma/H-Autogun)

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I shall wait for you, my flame :heart:

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Well that is if they take as much time for each career as they took btw GK and OE.

Do we know how long Grail Knight took ? (also they most likely started the next one before releasing OE)


Not an exact date but Fatshark announced the first new career in October 2019 and said it would most likely release at the END of 2020 which did not happen. Grail Knight actually released in July and Outcast Engineer this past week.

New Career Announcement

They did not want to “over-promise” releasing more than one career in 2020.

But, they did it! :smiley:


I think they were surprised of how fast they were able of make the new career with the GK, so they tried something more special with the OE.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we had the next one in less than 6 month



It just amazes me how most people remember their blunders but not their actual promises they do keep. They wanted to release more than one career but were afraid to tell the community or promise they would.

This is definitely proof they are working really hard and people should remember that Vermintide is their baby and they love their baby!

Despite all the bugs and other issues, it’s still a fantastic game.

I do agree with this statement. Fatshark may have already created all of the new careers but working on each one separately to test and work out all the kinks. I do believe they started working on the Engineer before the GK officially released. Considering how much faster the Engineer released compared to the Grail Knight (from announcement to release).

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Lately I’ve seen people on other forums float the idea that Warrior Priests of Sigmar can only use hammers and no other weapons. This confused notion seems to be based on nothing more than the fact that miniatures of Sigmarite figures nearly always wield hammers in homage to Ghal Maraz, Sigmar’s signature warhammer.

The Warhammer franchise has never been big on nonsensical, D&D-style weapon restrictions, though. Sigmar doesn’t micromanage his priesthood and blast a warrior priest with a thunderbolt if one happens to pick up a greatsword instead of a warhammer. The 2nd Edition Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay supplement Tome of Salvation (2007) where the Warrior Priest career is first detailed only notes that “Warrior Priests tend to wield weapons sacred to their faith” (emphasis mine). The 4th Edition core rules (2018) omit even that piece of flavor and simply note in the Skills and Trappings of the Warrior Priest career that they can wield any melee weapon.

As a Warrior Priest of Sigmar, Saltzpyre would certainly not be restricted to just hammers, because there is no rules text anywhere to suggest such a limitation. Even if Fatshark decided to limit the career’s access to ranged weapons to encourage a melee-centric playstyle, all of Saltzpyre’s current melee arsenal would be entirely suitable for a warrior priest. The only melee weapon you might want to restrict access to would be the rapier, because of the pistol component.


That thread was weird (Heretical_Cacti), people were throwing stone to each other

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I seriously still have no idea what Saltzpyre or Sienna will be but after GK and ENGI, I am really excited to see what Fatshark has come up with for them! I don’t really like any of the Elf careers so her next career would have to be incredibly different and amazing for me to buy.

In my honest opinion, I think FS already created all of the new careers. If they were a bigger company, there would be leaked information for us to grab a hold of and get excited for LOL

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I doubt that, but I think it’s a safe bet that they have already settled on the concept for Kerillian’s new career and that it’s already in early development.

I don’t because the Outcast Engineer came out a lot faster than the Grail Knight did.

FS said at the end of 2019 that there will be 1 career released by end of 2020 but GK came out in July which was way ahead of schedule then a few months later in November, the engineer came out.

I do not think they are working on one career at a time. They might already have ideas for every new career and have different teams working on each one.

I mean, that’s what it feels like they are doing considering how much faster the 2nd career came out.

They didn’t promise one new career by the end of 2020, though. They said they were planning on releasing one new career sometime during 2020, but they didn’t want to promise more than that. During the Grail Knight reveal stream they also said that they had not yet started work on the next career at that time.

I don’t doubt that Fatshark have already settled on the concept for the next career or two, but how quickly they will be released remains to be seen.

Career Announcement 2019

He did say before the end of 2020 not during.

Also false.

FS Reveal Stream - 13:21 to 13:55

The CEO clearly says they are working on them and they have an idea on all of them but cannot say anything more.



Maybe on a conceptual scale like they know what they want to do (although even here they are probably still not finally decided). However, I am pretty sure that the other three careers are not completed on a technical/gameplay scale. They are doing this more bit by bit. They also said previously that they will not hold back completed content just for the sake of it, If they were ready they would be released.


Alright, thanks for going back to the streams and checking out the exact wording.

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