New boltgun patterns

I feel like new bolt gun patterns with would be a really fun addition to the game.

  1. Bolt pistol for Vet, Zealot and psyker. Increased mobility, increased crit chance like las pistol, reduced magazine (10)
  2. New mark for the existing bolter, one with reduced damage but a bigger magazine (25) fires faster with better stability
  3. Stalker bolter for vet, reduced rate of fire but has a scope for long range damage. Very high weakshot damage
  4. Heavy bolter for Ogryn because why the hell not
    Blessings could include something close to infernus which lights targets on fire or blaze away for the buck wild players who like to spray their bolt gun

My reaction to how amazing this idea is, and how happy I would be if it was put in the game would probably not be allowed on the forum.

Can’t believe I didn’t think of it first. While I’m not aure if there are human stalker boltgun patterns, there’s no reason FS couldn’t make one. At the very least, give us a ballistic Sniper Rifle like the one the Enforcer models have.

Should be 8 actually.

Should be. The Adeptus Astartes has to furnish their scouts with them somehow. Scouts are just baseline humans in carapace and maybe juiced with roids.

Pretty sure space marines can use their bolters without armour, the armour just makes it easier. Scouts have all of the superhuman implants already and are physically space marines, they just don’t fight in power armour.

A bolt pistol definitely makes sense to add, one of the most iconic weapons for inquisitors, IG officers and commissars. Sisters of Battle use them a lot too.

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Sounds like its a little more than some roids. But they definitely aren’t full space marines. They’re more like half-way. Or maybe they just are missing their carapace? Frankly I cannot tell.

Yeah bolt pistol is needed for the hand cannon role. Doesn’t need a fast draw, just good mobility. Seeing as the Quickdraw revolver is more like a kickback than anything that would actually hurt.


8 would be fine, we just need a bolt pistol

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I feel the bolt pistol should have been in here from the start

I presume it’ll be for the veteran leader class. Seems right for that, too high status for everyone else.

Even a scoped variant of the existing bolter would be really nice. I feel like the boltgun is a very iconic weapon just like the plasma gun but it definitely needs more variants. A plasma pistol would KILLER too

I think we can count on that one. Fatshark has been pretty consistent about giving us the weapons the enemies have, just maybe recoloured a bit. Good idea on their part, saves resources and gives more variety at the same time. The Gogonum Heavy Stubber was on the Reaper before we got it. Plasma Pistol is already available on the Traitor Captain, as the Crusher was before we got it

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That would be a good fit but I feel like it’d be right at home with most of the classes aside from ogryn. I just need a hand cannon that isn’t that dreaded stub revolver.

Still waiting for the actual arbites pattern shotgun too

That’d be a really fun weapon to have

By Status I mean social and rank status. Keep in mind the Imperium is neo-fuedalistic.

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I’m aware but it is a game, just want to have my power fantasy:)

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“Scout Marines are physically the same as other Space Marines but in many Chapters the 10th Company has a vital role as a training battalion and new recruits are inducted into the Scout Company before graduating to the Battle and Reserve Companies of the Chapter.”

We are using Power Swords, Thunder Hammers, and probably most notably Force Weapons. I think Plasma Pistols would be fine. Although part of the problem seems to be that Fatshark can’t seem to decide whether or not we are pseudo acolyte strike teams who are respected and trusted or are still a band of untrustable prisoners who are thrown into the meat grinder en masse with the hope that some of them will succeed.

You could say that for about every iconic 40k weapon they have in the game, especially at launch. We only recently got 1 extra variant for the Power Sword and T hamer, and 2 for the Force Sword.

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The “Stalker” pattern bolter is specifically an Astartes bolter.

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