Small request/idea

Since we are going for full 40k here which odviously means real guns i personally would really like to see some dual pistols options. I know the Brace of Pistols was somethin alot of people swore by and while a regular unaugmented human PROBABLY couldent handle dual bolt pistols unless power armor or cybernetics are somehow involved i could easily see some dual laspistols or possibly some dual autopistols. With the “gun melee” we have seen in the trailers too it could be a stylish weapon.

Bolter exist in 2 variant: Human and Space Marine, a Commissar would use a Bolt pistol with one hand so they could use them in pairs

But there is a more interesting set:

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there are way more variants of boltguns the wiki list just above 30, and yes there are human sized patterns tho due to their smaller scaling are also less potent

I should have used category instead of variant

Less potent yes but highly preferable then getting your arm torn off by firing a space marine varient as some random imperial guard

using guns in both hands “akimbo” is introducing alot of problems while having close to 0 benfits, and no trained personell would ever even consider doing it in any real threat scenario.

the brace of pistols only excuse is that they are breachloaded guns that only sport a single shot, and salty would throw away the pistol and pull out another loaded gun makes it cool in the first place.
because its a solution to a real problem (altho rediculous).

using “akimbo” pistols for the sake of cool is equally cringeworthy as the gangstastyle grip.
imo they should focus on the fun weapons the 40k universe offers

Cringeworthy or not it is not uncommon to see it done in the 40k universe of games.

i played all decent 40k games since y2k and i never seen it done once, one handed paired with something else, sure plenty but not once a person holding a gun in each hand.

Bolt Pistol I’ve never seen but there are arts showing Twin Pistols in use like with the Serberys Sulphurhounds official mini

Ive seen a fair few dual laspistols and a few dual plasma to offset the lengthy recharge if i remembered correctly.

true gotta correct myself Inquisitor Vakir from the newest 40k entry, chaosgate uses 2 plaspistols, tho again i atleast can get behind that as plasma weapons probably dont have a whole lot recoil and due to relatively slow travel time of their projectile would have limited effective range anyway, add to that that they can overheat you have a perfect exuse to use 2 of those.

yeah but those are skitari, human limits don’t really apply, you could justify it easily with targeting systems, recoil & aimassisted mechanicly linked extremities

Also, if i may…modern day tactics only apply so much when you add in sci fi or fantasy weaponry. They dont have to be the same type of pistol either. For example on warhammer 40k inquisitor martyr i use an autopistol in one hand and a plasma in the other. Different damage types and penetration and you have both options close at hand.

Fatshark, we didn’t get the option in the Vermintide 2 to turn off bots (we did get one in modded realm). It’d be really cool to play solo or with one or two friends with no computer allies.